Enterprise 11: Role-based access control

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) enables a Control Room administrator to restrict access to the various components of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise solution and folders that contain tasks.

The Control Room administrator can grant access to various user roles based on your requirements. When adding a user, you assign appropriate roles to that user. A user will have access to the components and folders based on the roles assigned to them.

Role-Based access control for operational analytics

RBAC for operational analytics is deny-all and allow by exception based on the roles and domains. Two levels of checks are applied to access the operational analytics data. First, you must be a member of a role that has access to view the operational analytics in the Control Room. Next, if you have access, you can only view the bots belonging to your departments.

An Admin user can assign various permutations and combinations of access levels to different sets of users and roles based on the business need.

Dashboards for Operational Analytics are available in the DASHBOARDS tab in the Control Room. The DASHBOARDS tab contains the following dashboards:
  • Home
  • Bots
  • Devices
  • Audit
    Note: The Audit dashboard is visible only if the role assigned to a user has permission to view audit logs.
  • Workload
  • Insights

Role-based access control for business analytics

Dashboards for business analytics are available for the tasks that are enabled for analytics. The Control Room administrator and users that have access to a task can view the dashboards for those tasks. Users can access the dashboard for a task from the Insight tab in the DASHBOARD section of the Control Room and from the ANALYZE tab in the Enterprise Client.

To view the Bot Insight dashboards, you must be granted access to the folder containing the corresponding tasks.

For example, you have created various tasks related to sales and accounting and stored them in the Sales and Accounts folder. If you want to grant access to the sales-related tasks to members of your Sales department, you need to provide access to them to the Sales folder. The same applies to grant access to the accounts-related tasks in the Accounts folder.

The following table illustrates the access the various members of the Sales and Accounts team will have:

Sales_Dep Accounts_Team
John Mark Dave Smith Micheal
Access to the Sales folder Yes Yes Yes No No
Sales1 Yes Yes Yes No No
Sales2 Yes Yes Yes No No
Access to the Accounts folder No No No Yes Yes
Accounts1 No No No Yes Yes
Accounts2 No No No Yes Yes
Accounts3 No No No Yes Yes