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Cloud storage usage

  • Обновлено: 2022/04/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Сборка
    • AARI

Cloud storage usage

This topic describes the cloud storage based on the file size that is uploaded by the user.


Users who use the Select File element are able to upload files, these files are stored on the cloud and have specific requirements.

Cloud Storage quota

The files that are uploaded by users are based on the maximum file and storage sizes.

The quota for cloud storage are as follows:
  • The file size for when the user uploads a file using the Select File element cannot exceed 50 MB.
    Важное замечание: The file limit is only attached to a Select File element and not a request.
  • The cloud storage can store a maximum of 100 MB of data per tenant.
    Прим.: This is set by default.
    Важное замечание: The storage limit is per tenant and not per user.
  • The storage for each tenant is extended to an additional 1 GB for every AARI user license that are allocated in the tenant.

Retention Policy

There is a retention policy for files that are uploaded to the cloud storage.

The retention policy are as follows:

File will be deleted 90 days after the time of the file upload

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