Add Elasticsearch credentials

When installing Automation 360, add Elasticsearch credentials for enhanced security.

Based on whether you are performing a new installation, running the setup for the first time to upgrade to a later version, or a subsequent re-installation, the options to add the Elasticsearch credentials or select a backup Elasticsearch server are enabled.


  1. In the Provide Elasticsearch Credentials window, enter the credentials for Elasticsearch in the Elasticsearch password field.
    Important: Ensure the following for your Elasticsearch authentication password:
    • The password cannot include a space, semicolon (;), percent (%), or backslash (\).
    • The first character cannot be a minus sign (-) or forward slash (\).
    • Include at least one alphabetical character.
    This option is enabled only for the primary node of the cluster when you run the setup for the first time for an upgrade or a new installation of the Control Room. When you enter the password, self-signed certificates are generated for encrypting the data traffic for inter-node and client communication.
    The option is disabled for subsequent installations because the password and certificates are retrieved and reused from the second node onwards.
    Image for disabled Elasticsearch option
  2. Repeat the credentials in the Confirm Elasticsearch password field.
  3. Select the Check only if installing on the first node of the backup Elasticsearch cluster check box when you want to install the Control Room on the primary node that will be used as a backup for the Elasticsearch cluster.
    This option is available only if you have provided the Elasticsearch credentials for the primary node during a previous installation. The option enables you to use the database backup that is created from the Elasticsearch settings table after the primary node of the cluster is installed.
    The option is disabled for subsequent installations.
  4. Click Next to configure the IP cluster.
If you encounter errors when performing this task, see these resources:

Next steps

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