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FortressIQ Version 1.48.0 Release Notes

  • Atualizado: 2022/05/20
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FortressIQ Version 1.48.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 12-May-2022

Features and Improvements

  • New ability to classify Screens on a per-Cycle basis. Screen classification will apply only to the Application Events in the selected Cycle, allowing Cycles to be run independently and concurrently without impacting other Cycles that use the same Application. Permissions are available to Power Users and Admin users only, though Power Users must be added as Permitted Users to the Cycle. To learn more about how to leverage the various Application Strategies and Provisional Strategy Parameters, please email learning@fortressiq.com.
    • Cycle Name Column added to the Signature Jobs page for Cycle reference
    • Signature Job details (Promoted Strategy, Last Promoted Date) removed from Applications page. This information is available on the Signature Jobs page with Cycle reference.
  • Disabled the “Signature” Mining Level on the Mining Runs page. Discovery+ users may alternatively leverage the Field and Control Key Labels in Signature-level mining.
  • Process Cards in the Client Dashboard are auto-sorted by Last Date updated, so any updates made to a Card’s Assets, Visualizations, or Notes will re-organize them on the Client Dashboard.
  • Enhanced ability to classify Screens by combining multiple Application Strategy chain-layers together, reducing need for custom JSON on the Application Strategy Page.
  • Condensed the Application Strategies available on the Application Strategy page to the below. Other unused strategies were removed.
    • Text - Window Title Top Keywords
    • Text - Regex
    • Image - Label Color
    • Image Text - Active Tab
    • Image - Hashing
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