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Activity List (deprecated)

  • 업데이트: 2022/06/02
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 탐색
    • RPA Workspace

Activity List (deprecated)

Returns a list of bot executions based on filtering, ordering, and pagination rules. Fetches execution details for specific automation id as returned by the deployment API.


POST https://{{ControlRoomURL}}/v2/activity/list
Header: X-Authorization <<authentication token>>
인증 API를 이용하여 JSON 웹 토큰을 생성합니다. 인증 API를 참고하십시오.
Request body:

Filter the results using automationId, deviceId, status, or deploymentId. You can also use the combination of these filters to optimize your search results.

Request body using deploymentId:
  "filter": {
    "operator": "eq",
    "field": "deploymentId",
    "value": "14c2b6f8-c2a0-4a57-959d-ef413df0d179"
주: Use the empty filter or no filter to retrieve all the information in the search results.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
sort Array No By default, search results are sorted in descending order with respect to their ids. An alternative sorting is specified using the sort query parameter.

Enter the field by which you want to sort along with the direction asc (ascending) or desc (descending).

filter Object No Filters the result.
fields Array No Filter the result based on the fields.
page Object No