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Working with repositories, credentials and roles

  • 업데이트: 2021/11/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • 탐색
    • RPA Workspace

Working with repositories, credentials and roles

Control room administrators configure repositories for Bot Creators to develop RPA bots. Administrators create roles, assign users, and grants permission to action packages used in creating bots.

This topic is intended for experienced Automation Anywhere Automation 360 users.

Administrator tasks

Control room administrators setup repositories for Bot Creators to develop bots. For this process, administrators create users and assign these users specific roles, such as Bot Creators or Bot Runners. Bot Creators are granted access to specific RPA action packages to create, test, and run bots. Completed bots are transferred to the public repository for other users to deploy. The following is a breakdown of control room administrator related tasks to complete this process.
Set up your bot repository
Administrators create repositories for Bot Creators to develop , test, and debug bots. After configuring the repository, the administrator creates the role for the Bot Creator.
Assign a role
Roles grant specific permissions to users, such as Bot Creators and Bot Runners.
Create your users and assign their licensed roles
Create or otherwise edit the user information to assign the licensed role for accessing repositories, packages, and bot building tools and functionality.
Control Room에 packages 추가
관리자는 Bot Creators가 사용할 패키지를 Control Room에 추가할 수 있습니다.
Set up lockers and credentials in Credential Vault
The credentials assigned are typically those where the administrator is granting some internal, business-related access to a Bot Creator or Bot Runner for RPA development, for example to a Salesforce account.

Bot Creator task

Bot Creators often require access to protected data to automate a process. Each Bot Creator is given credentials governing the data they are permitted to access. The administrator creates the credential and assigns it to individual users by configuring specific roles for the Bot Creator to access those credentials. Bot Creators must add their own specific attributes to the credentials after they have been assigned by the administrator.

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