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Human-Bot Collaboration Version 11.3.5 Release Notes

  • 업데이트: 2020/07/15
    • 11.3.x
    • 탐색
    • Enterprise

Human-Bot Collaboration Version 11.3.5 Release Notes

Review the installation update, changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Human-Bot Collaboration Version 11.3.5.

Installation update

In the Version 11.3.5 update, you only have to run the Human-Bot Collaboration clients installer and select the components that you want to install. The Human-Bot Collaboration clients and Server now include the option to install or uninstall the product.
Note: This upgrade is applicable only when you install Version 11.3.5 over an existing Version or Version 11.3.4 installation.

These are the new changes in the installation:

  • The Human-Bot Collaboration clients installer is a full setup and requires no separate installation files.
  • When you upgrade to Version 11.3.5 from Version or Version 11.3.4, only the selected and installed components--Assistant, Designer, or Launcher--are upgraded.
    Note: The components that are not upgraded to Version 11.3.5 remain on the previous version.
  • When you rerun the installer, the Remove option appears and enables you to remove the upgraded Version 11.3.5 components.
    Note: Only the components that are upgraded to Version 11.3.5 are removed.
  • The Repair option is no longer available in the Human-Bot Collaboration client installer and the Control Panel.

Changed features

Install option is disabled

In the Human-Bot Collaboration client installer, the Install option is now disabled and requires an application to be selected before proceeding.

Modify option is not available

The Modify option is no longer available in the Human-Bot Collaboration installation; therefore, you cannot install additional features after the product is installed.

Assistant Task List

In the Assistant, when you create a new task list, the interface provides an improved experience. You can now use the server filter to sort rows by server-side criteria such as dates, status, and assignment. You can locally sort your rows by entering values in the whitespace under each column.

There is a dedicated Load all from server option to retrieve available rows from the server. There is a Full screen option to maximize the task list view. In the Selected row properties, you can use the Assigned to option to assign users to your row.

Designer Task List

In the Assistant, when you create a new task list, the interface provides an improved experience. You can now drag from your Toolbar to the Task List preview. There is a dedicated Delete option to remove any rows from the task list.

You can select the Preview Task List window option to open a dedicated preview window that contains generated fake data. You can move, resize, minimize, and view a full screen of the preview window. When the preview window is in full screen, you can drag the resizable option to configure the view of your content.

In the Task List properties, a new PDF task list type is now available to embed a PDF file to each Task List row.

PDF management in Task List

In the Designer, when you create a new task list and access the Task List properties, you must select PDF for your task list type. When you open the preview window, the PDF Sample file is shown from your list.

In the Assistant, when you open a PDF file from My Task Lists, a preview of your PDF files is shown.

Designer logout option

In the Designer, the user can now log out of the application by clicking the Logout option. A confirmation window appears for the user to confirm the logout when OK is clicked, and the current session is ended and the user is redirected to the Designer login page. If the user clicks Cancel, the logout is canceled and reverts to the current Designer session.

Launch History

When you launch multiple forms and access the Launch History, you can view the page that is now improved with a dedicated window next to the Assistant. All page numbers are shown and can be directly selected, rows can be refreshed, and the Date created field now shows the time.

Remaining time in Ask values

In the Assistant, when a user creates a new form or launches it for a period of time and the Ask value is prompted, the Remaining time timer shows the time difference of when the question was sent by the bot and received by the user. If the user answers the question, then their values cannot be changed and the timer is hidden. If the user does not answer the question, the same results occur but an error message appears. In Launch History, accessing the entries shows all the values of the user's input; however, these values cannot be changed.

Multiple choice values

When you use the Ask Choice option to create multiple choice values, the values are now shown as check boxes with a Remaining time timer. After you select a value, the selected check box is marked and other unmarked values are disabled. The values cannot be changed and the timer is hidden.

Chat view

In the Assistant, when you launch scripts and forms with multiple messages and requests, you see an improved chat view. The chat view now scrolls automatically to the latest message only when the message count is greater than the chat view height. For forms, it now scrolls automatically to the latest message.

Slashes in Super Admin password

In the Server installer, when you enter a backslash (\) or forward slash (/) to create a Super Admin password, an extra slash is now automatically added and it is converted to either a double backslash (\\) or a double forward slash (//).

Fixed features

In the JSON log files, sensitive credentials such as username, password, or token, are now shown as masked values.
In the Designer, the Property name value in the Selected control properties is now saved when a form is reopened.
When you launch a form with screenshot controls, the Launch option now functions correctly, and prompts a pending status and prevents access to the Assistant until the launch is completed.
In the Server installer, when you create a Super Admin password with special characters, the following specific characters are accepted: grave accent (`), tilde (~), exclamation mark (!), at sign (@), hash (#), dollar sign ($), percent sign (%), circumflex (^), ampersand (&), asterisk (*), hyphen (-), underscore (_), equal sign (=), plus sign (+), parentheses ( ), brackets [ ], braces { }, angle brackets < >, apostrophe ('), colon (:), comma (,), period (.), question mark (?), vertical bar (|), backslash (\), and forward slash (/).

Known limitations

Special character for Super Admin password in Human-Bot Collaboration Server
In the Human-Bot Collaboration Server, the password for a Super Admin does not accept the following characters: semicolon (;), quotation marks ("), or whitespace character.
Note: Do not enter these characters to create a password.
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