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Creating and publishing a new form

  • 업데이트: 2020/07/15
    • 11.3.x
    • 탐색
    • Enterprise

Creating and publishing a new form

A form is a document that provides structural content with little or no changes in the layout. Users with Developer (and Delivery) roles can create and publish forms and view, edit, or delete any existing ones in Human-Bot Collaboration Designer.

Published forms can be used to run some predefined automated tasks in Human-Bot Collaboration Assistant. Before a form is published for other users, a Developer must link it to an existing script from Enterprise Client. Preloaded Human-Bot Collaboration MetaBots can be used for developing these scripts.

Human-Bot Collaboration MetaBots


Use the following instructions to first create a form in Human-Bot Collaboration Designer:

  1. Sign in to the Human-Bot Collaboration Designer as Developer.

    The user must have a Developer with Delivery role.

  2. Click New form.
  3. Use the New form tab for the following actions:
    1. Toolbox: Drag the required toolbox controls (Text, Date, File, and so on) to the new form.
    2. Form preview: Preview the new form.
    3. Form properties: Edit the title of the form if required.
      The form ID and version are system-generated that cannot be edited.
    4. Selected Control Properties: Lists the following properties of the form control:
      • Title: Edit the control title.
      • Property name is automatically generated based on the Title field.
      • Default value: Set the default value for the form.
      • Help information: Enter any help information.
      • Confidential: Select the check box to hide the input value.
      • Constraints: Use the drop-down list to set a compulsory validation to the field.
  4. Click Save.
    After you have saved a form, publish it in the Human-Bot Collaboration Designer for the users to use it in Human-Bot Collaboration Assistant.
  5. Click Publish.
    Note: You cannot publish two forms with the same name.
  6. In the New publication page, complete the following fields:
    • Title: Enter a form title that the users can see in Human-Bot Collaboration Assistant.

      This information is available for Human-Bot Collaboration Assistant users.

    • Description: Enter a brief description for the form.

      This information is available for Human-Bot Collaboration Assistant users.

    • Category: Select the type from the list of available categories to which the form belongs.

      Optional: Click the plus icon to create a category directly from this window. You will then be prompted to enter the category details (Name and Description).

    • Teams: Select the teams that can access the form.

      Click the plus icon to create a team directly from this window. You will then be prompted to enter the team details (Name and Description).

    • Script: Assign a script that you have created using Enterprise Client.
      This script is processed when a user submits the form. During the publication process, the .atmx file is uploaded and stored in the Server database.
      Note: You can only assign one .atmx file; the external dependencies or child .atmx files will not be uploaded nor stored on the Server.
  7. Click Save.
    The stored forms are available under Forms in the Human-Bot Collaboration Designer.
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