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RPA Bots for Salesforce 2.0 Release Notes

  • 更新済み: 3/22/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • AARI
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RPA Bots for Salesforce 2.0 Release Notes

Review the overview and supported version information for RPA Bots for Salesforce 2.0.


The RPA Bots for Salesforce solution in the Automation Anywhere platform enables users to run Bot for routine business processes from any Salesforce Cloud record page.

The updated version of the RPA solution consists of the following components:

  • The ability to use only the username and API key when configuring the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector inside your Salesforce Org.
  • The ability to preconfigure a specific pool of Bot Runner licenses and a specific device pool for executing Bot through the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector. The Control Room will use the appropriate Bot Runner from this pool by either queuing the Bot if all Bot Runner are busy, or executing immediately if free.
  • The ability to restrict visibility of the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector to specific Bot folders in the public repository in your Control Room instance.
  • The ability to execute Bot automatically in response to the event logic configured inside Salesforce Process Builder or Salesforce Flow Builder.

Supported Automation Anywhere Enterprise versions

Supported for Automation 360 クラウド deployment only.