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Update key vault configuration

  • 更新済み: 2021/11/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • マネージ
    • RPA Workspace

Update key vault configuration

Update the authentication settings within the configuration directory.


このタスクは Control Room 管理者が実行します。このタスクを完了するには、十分な権利と権限が必要です。

Change your database and key vault configuration settings. Follow these steps to update the external key vault that is mapped to you Automation Anywhere Control Room.
注: If DB authentication is configured to use external key vault, the utility throws the following exception:
Database currently configured to retrieve credentials from key vault. Update database authentication to WINDOWS/SQL to proceed further
and exit. The utility might ask a confirmation to user:
Disable/update of key vault may impact functionalities using key vault (e.g. Active Directory configuration, Email Settings configuration). Make sure to update these settings (if any). Are you sure you want to continue?


  1. Enter the following:
    > jdk11\bin\java -jar certmgr.jar -appDir . -importTrustCert <Full path of the certificate>
  2. Add the following jvm arguments to the command for executing this utility.
    1."C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\pki\trust\store.ks"
    > jdk11\bin\java"C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\pki\trust\store.ks" --module-path lib -jar crutils.jar -configPath <Full path of the config directory> -action <UPDATE_KEY_VAULT_CONFIGURATION/UPDATE_DB_AUTHENTICATION_CONFIGURATION>