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RPA Bots for Salesforce

  • Aggiornato: 2022/06/17
    • Automation 360 v.x
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RPA Bots for Salesforce

Run bots for routine business tasks from any Salesforce Cloud page using Automation Anywhere RPA Bots for Salesforce.

Nota: RPA Bots for Salesforce requires a license for each user that will be automating bots and processes. This is a seat-based model, meaning that the number of licenses required is equivalent to the number of users attributed with access to RPA Bots for Salesforce. This is not to be confused with administrators configuring the application and mapping bots. Administrative users do not need a license. Only business users running automations are required to have a license assigned.
RPA Bots for Salesforce is an intelligent automation solution offered on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, using which users can automate business tasks using bots from anywhere inside Salesforce. The RPA solution consists of the following components:
  • RPA Bots for Salesforce connector

    The RPA Bots for Salesforce connector uses a combination of bot configuration screens and a collection of REST APIs, providing users a secure integration between the Salesforce platform and the Automation Anywhere Control Room.

  • Automation Anywhere Bot Launcher Lightning Web Component

    Also known as Automation Launcher, this is a component built using the Salesforce Lightning UI framework, with which users can launch bots from any standard or custom record page within Salesforce.

The RPA Bots for Salesforce connector operates only inside the context of a single Salesforce Organization and can be installed in multiple Salesforce Organizations. Use the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector to automate many Salesforce business processes such as case wrap activities for support agents and order acceptance and processing. You can use the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector anywhere in the Salesforce portfolio including Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, and use it with any of the object types that belong to those product areas such as Leads, Cases, Accounts, and Opportunities.

Use the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector to automate Service Cloud tasks such as the following:

  • Processing an account that requires a Salesforce user to access a green screen terminal for credit card application processing.
  • Processing thousands of hotel rewards points for leads generated in Salesforce.
  • Accessing a product profile in Salesforce while responding to a caller.
  • Automatically launch bots to update a customer license in response to a predefined event configured inside Salesforce Lightning Flows or Process Builder.

Set up the Automation Anywhere Control Room

The following is an overview of the prerequisites and steps you must perform in the Automation Anywhere Control Room before launching bots in Salesforce.
Nota: Steps 1- 5 are performed by the Control Room admin. Step 6 is performed by the Bot Creator user.
  1. Verify system requirements and Control Room access and permission.

    Prerequisites for RPA Bots for Salesforce

  2. Create a Control Room user for the connector configuration step in Salesforce.

    Create Control Room user for RPA Bots for Salesforce

  3. Create a custom role to map Bot Runners, Bot folders, and the user created for the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector.

    Create a custom role for RPA Bots for Salesforce

  4. Create a new device pool and make the new custom role a consumer of this device pool.

    Create a device pool for RPA Bots for Salesforce

  5. Optionally, Generate and save the API Key to be used later when you configure the Salesforce Connector inside the Salesforce Org. The API Key is used to allow the RPA Bots for Salesforce connector access to the Control Room.

    Generate an API Key for RPA Bots for Salesforce

  6. Log in to the Control Room as a Bot Creator and create bots with input parameters to pass data from Salesforce. Ensure you check the bots in the Bot folder or folders selected in the custom role creation setup (Step 3).
    Suggerimento: If you want to send data from your bot back to Salesforce, ensure you have also added output variables to your bot, which you can map to Salesforce record fields in a later step.

Set up your Salesforce Org

The following is an overview of the steps you must perform to set up your Salesforce Org before launching bots in Salesforce.

See the Customization Guides > Installation and Configuration Guide in the RPA Bots for Salesforce AppExchange listing page for further details on these steps.

Salesforce AppExchange

The Automation Anywhere package consists of two key components: bot configuration and Automation Launcher. To allow Salesforce Standard Users to launch bots, ensure the user has the permissions to access the Automation Launcher component. The Automation Launcher must be available in the user's Salesforce record detail page for the user to launch bots.

  1. Log in to Salesforce as an Org admin user to install and configure Automation Anywhere RPA Bots for Salesforce connector.
  2. Download and install the connector from the Salesforce AppExchange listing to your designated Salesforce Org.
  3. Establish a secure connection between Automation Anywhere Control Room and Salesforce.

    Create new bot connection in RPA Bots for Salesforce

    Attenzione: Before a connection can be established, you must disable the security protocol for your Control Room URL from your Salesforce remote site settings. Instructions on changing this security protocol can be found in the Salesforce help site. Configure Remote Site Settings
  4. Configure bots to pass data.

    Create new bot configurations in RPA Bots for Salesforce

  5. Configure your Salesforce experience to receive callback data from RPA Bots for Salesforce.

    Configure RPA Bots for Salesforce callback integration

  6. If it has not already been done for you, assign permission sets and add web components to record detail pages.

    RPA Bots for Salesforce permissions and web components

Run bots from Salesforce

As a Bot Runner, the Salesforce user can launch bots from their Salesforce Record page. Any Salesforce user given the Automation Launcher permission set can now trigger configured bots from a Salesforce record page.

Run a bot using RPA Bots for Salesforce

AARI integration and process automations

Users can now enable Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) in RPA Bots for Salesforce to access automated processes from any record detail page. This integration brings the power of AARI solutions directly to the Salesforce platform, offering users more capability for customer exchanges while easing the demands on decision making and data validation during business processes. Automated processes streamline workflows while keeping data at the fingertips of all stakeholders involved. Process automations in RPA Bots for Salesforce

Gain valuable insight about automated processes in the following video.

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