Create and configure an AARI widget in Genesys

Create an interactive widget in Genesys to begin using Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) in an IFrame, directly from Genesys.


These steps describe how to integrate an iFrame widget of the AARI product into Genesys. Ensure that setup for your AARI instance and your AARI Integrations widget is complete before configuring the widget in Genesys.


  1. From Genesys, click the Admin tab.
    Several sections of links to admin settings appear.
  2. Click on the Integrations link in the Integrations section.
    A list of configurable integrations appear.
  3. Click the plus icon at the top-right corner to create a new integration.
    A bank of templates appears for your new integration.
  4. Opzionale: You can choose to install the Client Application template, although we recommend using the template described in step 5.
  5. Find the Interaction Widget template and click Install.
    After you install a template, you are taken to the Details page of the new widget.
  6. Enter a title for your new widget.
  7. Opzionale: Add any notes you prefer.
  8. Select the Configuration tab.
  9. Select the Properties form.
  10. Enter the URL for your AARI widget.
    1. From AARI Integrations, click the three dots at the end of your preconfigured widget to expand the panel.
    2. Click embed code to open the code for your widget.
    3. Copy only the URL in quotes after src=.
    Nota: Your URL should include aari/#/embedded and can be found through AARI Integrations as shown in the following example:
    Image identifies where to find the URL in the AARI interface.
  11. In the IFrame Sandbox Options field, enter all options: allow-scripts,allow-same-origin,allow-forms,allow-modals,allow-popups.

The entered options filter which users see the interaction widget. Admins should already have determined the teams to include in these configurations.

  1. Enter the admin settings to filter access to the AARI widget.
    Group Filtering Select groups from the drop-down menu.
    Queue Filtering Select queues from the drop-down menu.
    Communication Type Filtering Select types from the drop-down menu.
  2. Save your configurations.

In addition to configurations, we recommend adding the Automation Anywhere icon to the widget for easier identification from the Genesys interface.

  1. From Genesys, navigate to Integrations > Configuration > Advanced.
  2. Click Download Schema.
  3. From your systems Downloads folder, open the schema.json file.
  4. From the schema.json file, find and copy the line of code for the icon.
    The line of code begins and ends with curly braces and looks similar to the following: {"icon": {"vector": "https://..."}}
  5. Paste the entire line of code for the icon into the Advanced Configuration text box.
  6. Save your advanced configuration.