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Limit the creation of document groups

  • Aggiornato: 2022/01/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Limit the creation of document groups

Limit the number of new document groups that the Classifier can create when a learning instance is in production.


You can only edit a learning instance that is in staging. If the learning instance is in production, you must revert it to staging.

Use the following steps to either configure a limit for the number of total document groups in the learning instance, or opt to disallow the Classifier from creating new document groups.


  1. Navigate to LEARNING INSTANCES, select a learning instance, and click Edit.
  2. Select from the following options:
    Option Description
    Select the Never create new groups check box No new groups are created, irrespective of the number of document uploads. The uploaded documents are sent directly to the Validator.
    • This check box is deselected by default.
    • When this option is selected, the Threshold to create new groups field is disabled.
    • You can create new groups manually by uploading them to the learning instance in staging.
    Set a value for the Threshold to create new groups field When you set a threshold value, IQ Bot does not create a group for the uploaded documents till it reaches the defined value. Till the set threshold value is reached, all documents are sent to the Validator.
    • By default, the value is set to 10 for all new learning instances.
    • You can set a value of up to 10 digits.
    • IQ Bot does not allow you to enter non-numerical characters, zero, or floating points.
  3. Save your updates, which are then reflected in the Summary tab.
    The Summary tab displays all the staging and production details. The information is updated based on any applied setting in the New groups creation setting section.
    For new learning instances, unless you set the minimum threshold in the New groups creation setting section, IQ Bot applies the default set value of 10 and does not create groups for the first 9 uploaded documents.
  4. For existing learning instances, you can set the minimum threshold in the Learning Instance > Edit page. The new threshold is applied to all documents from then onward.
    All existing learning instances, even after upgrade, will continue with a threshold as 1.
    All changes take effect only on the documents uploaded in production after the setting is edited. If you change the setting to a new threshold or never create new groups with an existing learning instance, this check will be performed only on the next document uploaded in production.
In the production environment, all classified documents that do not belong to any group and do not meet the minimum threshold requirement are sent to the Validator. You can update the values and make necessary corrections. However, all fields are optional and are text data type. The user can Save current document without making any corrections, or choose the Mark as Invalid option.
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