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AARI web interface users

  • Aggiornato: 2021/08/09
    • Automation 360 v.x
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AARI web interface users

Various users are involved in AARI on the web interface and each user contributes in different ways to help the automate the business requirements.

AARI users are broadly categorized into two types, users who can access the Control Room and users who have access only to the web interface. Each user's role and responsibilities vary depending on the stage of the workflow.

Users and their roles

The following table illustrates the relationship between users, roles, and the permissions they have while using AARI on the web interface.

User Role Permissions
Control Room administrator AAE_Admin Create users with AARI license and assign roles.
Bot Creator AAE_Basic
  • Create a process.
  • Check in a process.
  • Check out a process.
  • Run a private process.
  • Delete a process.
  • Import a process.
  • Export a process.
AARI admin AAE_Robotic Interface Admin
  • Configure scheduler user and allocate Control Room resources (device pool and unattended bot runners) to a process in the configuration setup stage.
  • Perform the following global team and process management tasks in the process deployment stage:
    • Create, view, and modify all teams.
    • Assign teams to processes.
AARI manager AAE_Robotic Interface Manager
  • Create and view teams.
  • Add members to or remove members from the teams.
  • Assign owners to the teams.
  • Function as default admin for the teams they create.
  • Request AARI admin to assign their team to processes.
AARI user AAE_Robotic Interface User
  • Create and access requests.
  • Submit and access tasks.

Team roles and permissions

The following table explains the users, their roles and permissions within an AARI team.

Team Role Control Room Role Team Type Permissions
Admin AAE_Robotic Interface Manager Shared