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Request management

  • Aggiornato: 2021/07/21
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Crea
    • AARI

Request management

A request must be created to automate processes to complete assigned tasks. Members of a team create requests and complete the corresponding tasks.

Requests must always be created within a team. This ensures that the teams assigned to the same process cannot see each other's data anymore. By default, an AARI user, selected as an owner or member of their team, can create requests because their role has the AARI user license, which enables them to access the web interface and create requests.

The structure of request creation is as follows:

  • An AARI user (team owner or member) can access and view all the processes that are assigned to a team on the Processes page.
  • The AARI user must provide all the required information in an initial form.
  • The bots and human tasks run in the request view page, which contains high-level details of the tasks.
  • The task information is displayed in the Requests page, for the AARI user to verify.
  • The AARI user can view their requests on the Requests page. They can manage or sort their existing requests by using a filter.
  • A request can be created by either a user or a bot on the Edit Process page. If the request is created by a user, the process is displayed on the Processes page. If the request is created through a bot, the user cannot create a request or view the process.
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