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Configuring Syslog services

  • Aggiornato: 2020/07/22

    Configuring Syslog services

    Configure the Control Room to export Audit Log entries in Syslog format to remote Syslog compatible log management servers.


    Questa attività viene eseguita Control Room dall'amministratore. È necessario disporre dei diritti e delle autorizzazioni necessarie per completare questa attività.

    Nota: Ensure the Syslog servers are configured and ready

    Pushing Audit Log entries to remote Syslog servers enables you to integrate and leverage advance searching and reporting features of security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. To configure server(s) where audit records will be sent in standard Syslog format, do the following:


    1. Fare clic su Modifica.
    2. Click the Add icon.
    3. Enter the Syslog server information.
      You can enter more Syslog servers by repeating the step.
      Syslog server hostname Full qualified domain name (FQDN) or the IP address of the Syslog server to deliver the log reports.
      Port Port that the remote Syslog server uses to receive incoming Syslog records (for example, port 514).
      Protocol TCP or UDP.
      Use Secure Connection Use a TLS encrypted channel to send Syslog records to the remote server. This option is available for TCP only.
    4. Fare clic su Salva.
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