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Get started with recorders

  • Aggiornato: 2021/01/07
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Get started with recorders

You can use two recorders in Automation 360, the Universal Recorder and the AISense Recorder, to automate tasks by recording interactions with objects such as click, read (data extraction), and write (data entry).

An integrated Recorder

In versions 2.0.9-20201105-164103 and later, the Recorder package contains both the Universal Recorder and AISense Recorder. This offers the following benefits:
  • Feature updates are delivered as delta updates, which reduces the time spent downloading the newest Recorder package each release.
  • The Start recording icon serves as a common entry point to both recorders.
Nota: The AISense Recorder fails if you manually upgrade the Recorder package version, such as by importing a bot that contains the integrated Recorder package (Version A2019.17 and later) to a Control Room that has a build from Version A2019.16 or earlier. Always upgrade the Recorder package through the Control Room. Do not attempt to manually upgrade by importing a .jar file or bot.

Choosing which recorder to use for your task

Before you start building your bot, decide which recorder best fits your requirements.

  • Use the Universal Recorder to automate interactions with user interface objects in a browser, HTML, Java, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, or Windows application. When you run the bot, if it cannot reliably find objects, use the AISense Recorder.
  • Always use the AISense Recorder in the following scenarios:
    • You are accessing the software using Citrix, or a similar remote desktop technology.
    • You are automating in a legacy technology, such as Delphi.
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