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Join type output examples

  • Aggiornato: 2020/05/07
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Join type output examples

Select a join type option based on your desired output. Use the examples below to guide your selection.

Inner join

Returns only the records that have matching values in the selected columns in both tables.

For example, if you have a table of employees and their departments, and a table of employees and their pay rates, this option will return a table of the employees that exist in both tables, and their departments and pay rates.

Table 1: Employees and Departments
Employee Dipartimento
John 101
Jill 102
Mike 103
Betty 104
Cindy 105
Table 2: Employees and Pay rates
Employee Pay rate
John 50
Betty 50
Mike 40
Jill 35
Dan 45