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Version 11.3.1 Release Notes

  • Aggiornato: 2022/11/09
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Version 11.3.1 Release Notes

New features, changed features, fixed features, security fixes, deprecated features, and known limitations introduced in Version 11.3.1 of Automation Anywhere components Control Room, Enterprise Client, and Bot Insight.

New features

Control Room new features
Feature Description
Support for Oracle as a Control Room database (Zendesk #75665,100225)
  • You can now choose to store the Control Room database in Oracle.
  • Control Room 11.3.1 supports Oracle version 12.1.x.
  • With the support for Oracle in this release, you can now select either SQL Server or Oracle to store the Control Room database during the Custom installation.
  • For Express installation, the Control Room database will be created in SQL Server by default.
Support for multiple Global Catalog (Zendesk #105259, 105535, 109590, 114510)
  • Prior to 11.3.1, the Control Room admin can configure Active Directory using the LDAP URL of a single Domain Controller (or Global Catalog) which at times can lead to single point of failure.
  • The Active Directory configuration is now enhanced to support URLs of multiple Global Catalog per forest so that if one Global Catalog in a forest goes down the other can serve.
  • With 11.3.1, the new capability ensures all Active Directory users have continued access to the Control Room thereby maintaining business continuity.
  • This feature does not provide support for load balanced URL of Active Directory in Control Room.
Support for traceability of System Restart, Shutdown or Log off during bot execution (Zendesk #81361, 87754)
  • An audit entry is logged whenever a Bot Runner machine restarts or shutdown automatically or via System command in TaskBot, during the bot execution.
  • When this event takes place, the ongoing automation is marked as completed and the status of bot run is set to successful in the Audit Log.
Enhanced Audit Log entry for Import Bot packages (Zendesk #100193)
  • The Audit Log now shows all the bots and files (including dependencies) that were skipped or overwritten during the import action in Bot Lifecycle Management.
  • This feature helps to identify bots and files that were not imported in destination Control Room.
Enterprise Client new features
Feature Description
Dynamic URI support in REST Web Service command (Zendesk # 54164, 62588, 63479, 64128, 67948, 68070, 71450, 73039, 74075, 75548, 81758, 83588, 83887, 84896, 88880, 93476, 93711, 97808, 100512, 103203, 104576, 104894, 107140
  • The REST Web Service command has been enhanced to provide user-defined variable within the URI of REST-based web service.
  • Users can now easily move their bots running REST command from Test to Production by using dynamic hostname, port, or endpoints in URI.
Support for downloading pre-configured bots from Bot Store Enterprise Client now provides a built-in interface to connect to Bot Store. Any user registered with Bot Store can now login to Bot Store from within Enterprise Client and download the pre-configured bots from the Bot Store. This feature provides a seamless experience to the Bot Creators making bot development faster and easy.
Support for option to overwrite attachment in Email Automation command (Zendesk #82257, 84110)
  • The Email Automation – Get All Messages command has been enhanced by providing an option to overwrite files with same name in the folder where the email attachment needs to be saved.
  • Unselecting this option allows the user to save the attachment with same name suffixed with a numeric value if an attachment with same name already exists in the selected folder.
Encoding support for Error Handling in Log to File command (Zendesk #75406) The Error Handling – Log to file command has been enhanced to allow user to select the encoding type – ANSI, UNICODE or UTF-8, for the log file. Prior to 11.3.1, only ANSI encoding type was supported.
Support for dynamic Port in FTP command (Zendesk #63377,92038) The FTP command is enhanced to support user-defined variable in the Port field. Users can now automate connecting to FTP servers with different Port number.
Support for Uninstallation and reinstallation of Java Plugin (Zendesk #87947) The uninstall and reinstall options are now available for the Java plugin both from the Client interface and from the command line. The uninstall and reinstall options allows the user to fix any issue with the plugin installation.
Support for 1024x768 screen resolution (Zendesk #36871,51741,60412)
  • Automation Anywhere Client's Main interface and Task Editor are now responsive to 1024x768 screen resolution. On the Main interface, the Properties tab shows a scroll bar to easily navigate to the controls.
  • Similarly, in the Task Editor, toolbar with action buttons are displayed as icons with a tooltip
Bot Insight new features
Feature Description
Oracle support for Bot Insight database (Zendesk #75665,100225)
  • The Bot Insight Database can now be stored in Oracle.
  • Bot Insight 11.3.1 supports Oracle version 12.1.x
  • Earlier versions supported SQL Server however with the support for Oracle in this release, users can now select either SQL Server or Oracle to store their Bot Insight database during the Custom installation.
  • For Express installation, the Bot Insight database will be created in SQL Server by default.

SQL Server support for Bot Insight metadata repository
  • The Bot Insight metadata repository can now be stored in SQL Server.
  • Earlier versions supported PostgreSQL. With the support for SQL Server in this release, users can now select either SQL Server or PostgreSQL to store their metadata repository during the Custom installation.
  • For Express installation, the Bot Insight metadata database will be created in SQL Server by default.
Bad data deletion utility via API
  • This utility allows the user to search for data rows based on datatype mismatch via an API and mark them as bad data (soft delete).
  • The bad data rows cause Bot Insight dashboards to not load correctly and hence user can either search and mark those rows as bad or correct these rows so that there is no impact on the dashboards.

Changed features

There are no changed features listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room changed features
Feature Description
Default ports for Elastic Search and cluster nodes In Version 11.3.1, the default HTTP port for Elastic Search is 47599 and the port to bind communication between cluster nodes is 47600.
Enterprise Client changed features
Feature Description
Validate if attachment is missing in Send Email Command In the Send Email command, a new option 'Validate if attachment is missing' is now provided which when selected validates the missing attachment when sending an email, and displays an error if the attachment is missing.
  • For customers upgrading from 10.x to 11.3.1, the bots having Send Email command will not require any change as the option 'Validate if attachment is missing' is not selected by default. This means that the Send Email command will run successfully even if the attachments are missing.
  • For customers upgrading from 11.x to 11.3.1, the bots having Send Email command might need to be modified by selecting the option 'Validate if attachment is missing' for an error to be displayed for missing attachment(s).
Download attachments in Email Automation Command In the Email Automation command with Get All Messages option, you can now download attachments where the file name has special characters ("\" or "/").

Fixed features

There are no fixed features listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room fixed features
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
107047, 110175, 110928, 115663, 120749, 124691 When work items are added to the queue, the Control Room pages are refreshed and work items in the queue are deployed as intended.
110175, 115664 When the user inserts several work items, and processes these work items, the status changes correctly from "Ready to Run" to "Active" and then to "Completed".
110030 Devices that have been previously added to a role and removed from the role can now be assigned to a device pool.
105256, 109182, 109470, 110962, 112391 After upgrading from Automation Anywhere 11.1.2 to 11.3 the user can authenticate to Control Room through AD in a multi-domain environment.
46516 The counter "Task Completed Successfully" in the Control Room Dashboard now gets updated every time a task is executed successfully.

Control Room now uses a more strong and unpredictable secret key to sign JSON Web Tokens (JWT) used for user's session management.

108323 When installing Control Room, the error message displayed on creating SQL database now does not show password used for SQL authentication.
108286, 108522, 109877, 115122, 116006, 117507 During Control Room configuration, after changing the Elasticsearch config file to local, you can now login to the Control Room.
110074, 110158, 110449, 110967, 112664, 112816, 114525, 116381, 116655, 116844, 116941, 117714, 122439, 123079, 124692 In the Bot Lifecycle Management module of the Control Room, the "Export bots" can now export TaskBots having sub-tasks that are used as dependency in multiple TaskBots including other sub-tasks without an error.
113463, 114239, 116628, 119728, 120251, 121512 You can now delete a Bot Runner User from the Control Room, or deallocate the Bot Runner license from the User, if the User is not linked to any in-progress or scheduled automation, credential, locker, or device pool.
88274, 99678 For the user of a Control Room configured with floating license, the Historical activity page now displays the device name of all the previously as well as the currently logged in devices correctly.
108158, 112033, 114910, 123499, 124929, 126412 The device list of a Control Room configured with floating license now shows a user as connected. The user is also able to login from the Client after re-connecting to a Citrix VDI session.
109182 Domain names now do not disappear intermittently from the domain list of Control Room login page that is configured for Active Directory users.
110544, 117458 A Control Room user can import bots/files having multilevel dependencies using Bot Lifecycle Management feature.
111856, 120007, 123045 Control Room users now do not get an "internal server error" while importing bots that were exported in an earlier version of Control Room in the Bot Lifecycle Management page.
Enterprise Client fixed features
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
99858, 105491, 113411 All AANotification.exe processes terminate after the corresponding task is completed or after 30 seconds.
83379 You can now map network (shared) drives any number of times on machines where Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client is installed.
108215 After migrating from Automation Anywhere 10.x to 11.x, a task executing any stored procedures after executing a stored procedure with parameters, now runs successfully.
95757, 115593 In a TaskBot containing nested loops with SQL query, the dataset obtained from SQL query in each loop is now updated with respect to the current SQL query that is being executed.
65213 In the Workbench, you can now paste text into the Find Text... textbox, which was copied after you have copied and pasted an action.
60321 In the MetaBot Designer you can now add screens and open the MetaBot multiple times in the ASSETS and LOGIC screens without encountering any errors.
81015, 55121 When a task having MetaBot DLL as a dependency is deployed from the Control Room, the task now identifies the DLL dependency and executes successfully.
58034, 66063 Smart Recorder now does not record unwanted actions when opening a PDF attachment from an email repeatedly, and now saves the email attachment files in correct order as per the recorded sequence.
64264 The Object Cloning command now captures HTML controls correctly without offsetting the capture area from the original position.

In the Read From CSV/Text command, if a column value contains arithmetic operator then while reading the column value in a variable enclosed in double quotes, now returns a correct value instead of performing an arithmetic operation.

65956 When Prompt Assignment variable is used in the String Operation command, changing the variable type from "array" to "value", now does not prompt for array values.
69031 In PDF Integration command, users can extract values from Form Fields from all pages of the PDF file even when the pages have been added dynamically.
75736, 79969, 87126 When a task is triggered, $Trigger Value$ variable now returns a file name or window title even if the file name or window title contains any special characters like a comma.
86515, 90464, 103430 In REST Web Service command the URI for Windows AD authentication now fetches the details correctly.
88874, 107512 The task file does not open from its physical location (Application Path) using "Edit" or "Open With" option, or from the command line.
90961 When the Run Script command runs a VB script, it no longer gives any additional argument variable if there is no argument in the command.
90314, 98490 When the user downloads all the files from the server Repository with VCS enabled, no error is displayed and all the files are downloaded as required.
109012 In Java application, when the Object Cloning :: Get cell by Index from table option is used, the cell is now highlighted on bot execution.
92012 In the Object Cloning command, the value of the HTML Name attribute is now displayed correctly in the Get Property option.
92008, 95084 In the XML command, when an user inserts or updates a new node as an empty node, the node produced is empty without a new line character.
109147 Users can now enable client side logs or make changes in Tools > Options without setting Auto Login credentials.
89173, 97794, 105228,106440, 113332, 113788,116098, 117485,118883 Auto Login in Logoff mode now works on a machine where both Ctrl+Alt+Del and Legal Disclaimer are enabled.
93666 Users can now copy 100+ variables from one task to another with "Overwrite existing variables" option Yes and Yes to All.
112594 When a Task having MetaBot Logic with Password type variable as input parameter is created in 10.5.x and later migrated to 11.3.1, it can now run without the need of replacing the Password type variable with Credential Vault variable.
65089 In the Workbench, when a variable is created using "Convert to Variable" option, it is now displayed in the "Variable Manager" list.
89922, 95364 In Excel-Set Cell command, if the cell value is set using "Specific Cell", for instance: '$Excel Cell(Scale,$Excel Cell Row$)$', then the $Excel Cell Row$ now increments the cell row correctly when the next Set Cell command gets executed.
108158, 112033, 114910, 123499, 124929, 126412 A user is able to login from the Client after re-connecting to a Citrix VDI session.
91433, 102113, 109448, 111872 In Email Automation command, all email attachments are saved when the option Get All Messages is selected.
97931, 102879 When creating a MetaBot Logic with dll, after selecting a credential variable as value, the user is now able to type or paste the value in the subsequent logic command.
104590 In REST Web Service command, the REST API call used to connect to CyberArk Vault now returns proper content in the Response body.
102615, 114760 In SOAP Web Service command, the Test Output now returns a proper XML response when testing some of the SOAP web services.
106619, 107582, 109097, 126411, 142456, 169817, 175748 The application now allows you to re-run a MetaBot without showing the error Unable to run MetaBot as the Logic files already exists because the files that are created in the Temp folder are deleted automatically after you end the Automation Anywhere Player task from the Task Manager.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes listed for Enterprise Client in this version.

There are no security fixes listed for Bot Insight in this version.

Control Room security fixes
Zendesk ticket numbers Description
109386 Fixed the vulnerability CVE-2015-6420 that was identified with commons-collections4-4.0.jar file in the installer.

Deprecated features

There are no deprecated features in this version.

Known limitations

Control Room known limitations
  • If a user plans to install the Control Room using Oracle database, the number of available connections in Oracle have to be increased using the SQL query:

    alter system set processes=3000 scope=spfile;

    Restart the server after running the above query.
  • If the Control Room is installed using Oracle database, then the "Repair" option in installer is currently non-functional.
  • In the Control Room Settings page, the Control Room database section does not display the database parameter details when the Control Room is installed with Oracle database.
  • When upgrading from previous 11.x version to 11.3 or later, in the 'Change Active Directory Configuration' page if you enter an invalid URL, it will not be validated with LDAP server. If you correct it by providing a valid URL, the same error message might be displayed. To resolve this, refresh the page and reenter the correct URL(s).
  • The support for Oracle to store Control Room and Bot Insight database is applicable to fresh installation with new database only.
  • Earlier Automation Anywhere 11.x versions cannot be upgraded to Automation Anywhere 11.3.1 with Oracle as the database.
  • Migration from Automation Anywhere 10.x versions to 11.3.1 with Oracle database is NOT certified. It will be supported in a future release.
  • The support for SQL Server to store Bot Insight metadata database is applicable to fresh installation with new database only.
  • Earlier Automation Anywhere 11.x versions cannot be upgraded to Automation Anywhere 11.3.1 with SQL Server as the metadata repository for Bot Insight. This will be supported in an upcoming release.
  • The Control Room supports only the standard port 443 to configure cluster nodes as Apache Ignite uses this port to access other nodes. If a non-standard port is used, the Apache Ignite server will not be able to connect with the other nodes. As a result, Apache Ignite will retrigger and restart multiple times in a short span, leading to high CPU utilization.
Enterprise Client known limitations
  • For the Bot Store home page to be displayed in Enterprise Client, JavaScript must be enabled in the Internet Explorer browser settings.
  • If you minimize the Enterprise Client window then the Profile menu in the Bot Store home page might not display all the menu options. The Enterprise Client window must be restored to maximum so that the Profile menu displays all the menu options.
Bot Insight known limitations
  • The support for SQL Server to store Bot Insight metadata database is applicable to fresh installation with new database only. For existing customers upgrading to Version 11.3.1, the metadata database migration from PostgreSQL Server to SQL Server is currently not supported.
  • Version 11.3.1 Bot Insight dashboards do not display in Version 11.3.1 deployments that use both SSL and an Oracle database. For full support of Bot Insight dashboards with an Oracle database, do not use SSL or set Bot Insight to secure mode, in a Version 11.3.1 deployment.
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