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Human-Bot Collaboration Version 11.3.4 Release Notes

  • Mis à jour le : 2020/07/15
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Human-Bot Collaboration Version 11.3.4 Release Notes

Review the new features and known limitations in the Human-Bot CollaborationVersion 11.3.4 release.


The Human-Bot Collaboration feature in the Automation Anywhere platform enables real-time interaction between users and TaskBots.

Human-Bot Collaboration can ease the overall validation process by automating the steps, requiring human validation only when necessary. An interactive chat bot alerts end users to make informed decisions or validations based on inputs received from other data sources. This has the following benefits:
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Ability to measure and manage team performance, organizational metrics, and productivity goals

New features

Desktop-based intuitive experience that interacts with Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11.x platform

Business users can automate simple-to-complex front-office and back-office processes with an easy-to-use interface, enterprise-grade governance, analytics and dashboards, and audit logs. Developers can seamlessly integrate this feature into any automation (or TaskBots) to deliver security, governance, and control on a scalable infrastructure for IT managers.

Centralized deployment of the Server

The Human-Bot Collaboration Server acts as a single point of access and control to execute Human-Bot Collaboration features. All the triggers are managed by the Human-Bot Collaboration Server.

Support for MetaBot commands

Human-Bot Collaboration supports the following MetaBot commands:

  • Chat
    • Ask Choice
      • Multiple Values
      • Unique Values
    • Ask Date
    • Ask Text
    • Send File
    • Show Message
  • Forms
    • Get Control Value
    • Get File Control Value
    • Get Screenshot Control Value
  • Task List
    • Ask Boolean
    • Configure Formats
      • Date
      • Double
      • Culture Code
    • Create Row
    • Fetch Rows
      • All Status
      • Specific Status
    • Get Row
      • All Fields
      • Specific Fields
    • Update Row
      • Update Status
      • Update Fields

Known limitations

Screenshot control not supported on certain versions of Internet Explorer

The screenshot control of a form is not supported on Internet Explorer version 11.0.160 for the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
Installing Human-Bot Collaboration Server or clients through scripts not available

Using scripts (silent installation) to install the Human-Bot Collaboration Server or clients is currently not available.

Modify option uninstalls any previously installed component

Using the Modify option in the Human-Bot Collaboration Clients.exe file uninstalls any previously installed components- Assistant, Designer, or Launcher.

Remove option in the client installer deletes other components

Using the Remove option in the client installer deletes the other components without any warning message.

Human-Bot Collaboration Server installer does not support database migration

Workaround: If you have to install the Human-Bot Collaboration Server on the same machine, you must delete the existing Human-Bot Collaboration databases from your Microsoft SQL Server instance before proceeding with the installation.

Starting services from the Human-Bot Collaboration Server might cause the security service to stop responding

Workaround: You can restart the services in the Server Manager application.

Human-Bot Collaboration Server and IQ Bot cannot be installed on the same machine

The Human-Bot Collaboration Server cannot be installed on a server on which IQ Bot is installed.

Windows authentication with a remote Microsoft SQL Server not supported

Human-Bot Collaboration services cannot be started from a remote Microsoft SQL Server because Windows authentication is not supported.

Custom configurations for HTTPS, SSL, and TLS are not supported

Workaround: If you want to configure SSL in testing mode, use the following instruction (it is not recommended for production environment):

Update the AuthorizeSelfSignedCertificate value to True in the appsettings.json files of each of the Human-Bot Collaboration components.
Note: You can find the appsettings.json file in the following location: C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\Human-Bot Collaboration\Server
Administration pages of the Designer displays a maximum of 50 rows

The Administration pages of the Human-Bot Collaboration Designer can only display a maximum of 50 rows at a time.

Some of the MetaBot commands are not supported

The following MetaBot commands are currently not supported:

  • Ask Credential
  • Get Credential
  • Set Status
  • Credential Control
Human-Bot Collaboration clients (Designer, Launcher, Assistant) fail to connect due to a certificate validation issue when TLS is enabled on the Human-Bot Collaboration Server
Workaround: Disable the certificate validation to connect over TLS.
Warning: Disabling certificate validation leaves the system vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.
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