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Configure Human-Bot Collaboration Server

  • Mis à jour le : 2021/12/20
    • 11.3.x
    • Explorer
    • Enterprise

Configure Human-Bot Collaboration Server

Configure the Human-Bot Collaboration Server and Microsoft SQL Server after installation.


  1. Configure the Human-Bot Collaboration Server:
    1. Use the Start menu or the desktop icon on your Server to launch the Human-Bot Collaboration Server.
    2. Use the Server interface for various configurations.
      The following table lists the various Human-Bot Collaboration Server configurations available:
      Domain Configuration Update the following:
      • Domain
      • HTTP Port
      • HTTPS Port
      Services Configuration Set the ports for the following services:
      • API Service
      • Messaging Service
      • OData API Service
      • Security Service
      TLS Configuration Update the following:
      • Use HTTPS to enable HTTPS to allow the Human-Bot Collaboration Server to handle HTTPS.
      • Certificate is active if HTTPS is enabled.

        Enables you to import a certificate. Click Load to import the certificate.

        Note: The certificate file must be in the PKCS12 format. In the Certificate Path, click Browse to import the certificate.
      • Certificate Password is active if Use HTTPS is enabled.

        Enter the password for the Private key.

      • Enable Force HTTP to HTTPS: This option is active if Use HTTPS is enabled.

        Redirects all HTTP port requests to HTTPS.

  2. Configure the Microsoft SQL Server
    The following table lists the various Microsoft SQL Server configurations available:
    Database Update the following:
    • SQL Server Host Name
    • SQL Server Port: Use the default port (1443) or specify a custom value.
    Authentication type Set the database authentication to one of the following:
    • Windows Authentication: Use this option to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server using Windows authentication.
    • SQL Server Authentication: Use this option to connect to the database using Microsoft SQL Server authentication. Ensure you provide the correct username and password for SQL authentication.
    Secured Connection Update the following:
    • Secured Connection: For self-signed CA certificate.
    • Secured Connection Certificate: For custom CA certificate.
    • Certificate: This is enabled when you select secure connection. Browse to select a CA certificate.
  3. Security: Use the Launcher Secret ID section to copy the client Secret ID that is referenced in the Launcher configuration.
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