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Enterprise 11: Distributed architecture

  • Mis à jour le : 2022/08/10
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Enterprise 11: Distributed architecture

Human-Bot Collaboration platform is deployed using a distributed architecture and enables a real-time interaction between users and TaskBots by enhancing the Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Human-Bot Collaboration Server is web-based and at the core of the data management.

The Human-Bot Collaboration Server is connected to the following components:

Human-Bot Collaboration Server

Human-Bot Collaboration Server is a reverse proxy that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers. This reverse proxy is responsible for listening to remote connection requests and forwarding them to the correct specialized service. See Human-Bot Collaboration Server.


Designer is a stand-alone development client that is at the core of Automation Anywhere Enterprise. It is used to design forms and task lists, along with user and role management functionalities.


Launcher is a run-time system installed on Automation Anywhere Enterprise Bot Runner machines. Launchers can be deployed on desktops or on virtual machines in data centers.

Launchers are connected to a Human-Bot Collaboration Server and can trigger local Automation Anywhere Enterprise Bot Runners installed on the same machine. After triggering Bot Runners from a Launcher, run-time interactions between a Bot Runner and a Human-Bot Collaboration Server are available through dedicated Human-Bot Collaboration MetaBots (.mbot).


Assistant is a stand-alone desktop application that enables business users to access Human-Bot Collaboration through a user interface. The Assistant is directly installed on the users machine.

Server and clients interaction

Human-Bot Collaboration components is a server-client type interaction:

  • Server side: Human-Bot Collaboration Server
  • Client side: Human-Bot Collaboration Designer, Assistant, Launcher

The following figures illustrate the interaction between the Human-Bot Collaboration components during development and during runtime:

Development Phase

Sample user case of Development Phase

Run-time Phase

Sample user case of Run-time Phase

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