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Chat MetaBot

  • Mis à jour le : 2020/07/13
    • 11.3.x
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    • Enterprise

Chat MetaBot

The Human-Bot Collaboration Chat MetaBot is used for creating simple navigational logic, which requires user actions or inputs to complete a task.

The following table lists the various logic associated with the Chat MetaBot:
Logic Description
Ask Choice Used to request unique or multiple values from a set of options provided to the user.
  • Multiple values with radio buttons
  • Unique values with radio buttons
  • Unique values with a drop-down menu
Ask Date Used to request a date value from the user.
Note: The Date value is stored as a Date + Time type.
Ask Text Used to request a text value from the user.
Send File Used to send a local file to the user's chat view.
Show Message Used to display an error message or any information to the user.

Sample use case

Consider a scenario where a client requires a registration form, which collects a new applicant information. This form is then linked to a bot from the Human-Bot Collaboration Designer through a script. The script is developed in the Enterprise Client using the Human-Bot Collaboration Chat MetaBot.

Workbench and creating Logic

  1. In the new Workbench screen, go to Human-Bot Collaboration > Form and click Ask Choice.

    Ask Choice logic is used to retrieve a unique value from a set of provided options.

    1. Update the values in the Input Parameters field.

      You can set the values to be displayed, type of selection (radio button or drop-down menu), values for user, and so on.

    2. In the Output Parameters > oVariable field, insert a variable where the output must be assigned.
      Tip: Press F2 from the keyboard to view the available values. You can select $Prompt-Assignment$ as the output variable.
  2. Click Save.

    The run logic for the form is created in the Workbench.

  3. Click Commands and drag the Message box.

    This enables you to display the selected value from the linked form as a message on the screen.

  4. In the Message Box screen, enter a message that the user must see.

    For example, you can enter Registration: $Prompt-Assignment$.

  5. Repeat the run logic and message box for all the fields in the form that you want to link.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Choose the folder where you want to save this script.

    This script is linked to the form that you create in the Human-Bot Collaboration Designer.

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