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Automation 360 v.21 Release Notes

  • Actualizado: 8/03/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Automation 360 v.21 Release Notes

Release date: 09 June 2021

Review what's new and changed, and the fixes and limitations in the Automation 360 v.21 release. Automation 360 (Cloud and On-Premises) is on Build 9642. Automation 360 IQ Bot Cloud is on Build 9664 and On-Premises is on Build 9642.

Patch release updates

We have updated Automation 360 Build 9642 (Cloud and On-Premises) for the following fixes:
  • Process deployments containing forms with empty table, check box, or text box are failing after the AARI Cloud build is updated from the previous release to this current release (Service Cloud case ID 00788255).
  • The layout of the request view page changes when another language other than English is selected (Service Cloud case ID 00772925).
  • Warning messages in the process editors render garbled characters due to missing UTF-8 encoding (Service Cloud case ID 00781891, 00784947).
  • Users (with the attended license) are not redirected to the AARI Assistant application due to users (without the attended license) trying to connect to the AARI Assistant application beforehand on the same device.
  • Not able to capture keystroke actions on an application using the Universal recorder (Service Cloud case ID 00785310).
  • Files were missing from the embedded resource folder, causing issues in using the Recorder package (Service Cloud case ID 00767315, 00777786, 00775209, 00788523, 00797261, 00795511, 00785246).
  • Bot deployments are getting stuck in a queue after Automation 360 Cloud is updated from the previous release to this release (Service Cloud case ID 00784333, 00784890, 00784382, 00784338).
  • Cloned bots are losing their dependency when they are checked-in (Service Cloud case ID 00780756).
  • The recording duration was not updated correctly under Process Cycle on the process card, and the recorded steps were not captured by the recorder (Service Cloud case ID 00790884, 00781022).

Updating to this release

You can update to this Automation 360 release from the previous three releases (that is, from n−3 releases, where n refers to the latest release). The following builds are certified for update to this release:
  • Build 8815 (v.20)
  • Build 8147 (v.19)
  • Build 7560 (v.18)
Recommendation: If you are not on an n−3 release, update Automation 360 to one of the three certified releases before updating to this release. See Actualización de versiones de Automation 360 anteriores a la versión más reciente.
Bot agent update: Esta versión incluye una actualización requerida de su Bot agent. Asegúrese de completar la actualización para continuar con sus actividades de automatización al actualizar de una versión anterior a esta versión.

Actualizar automáticamente el Bot agent | Actualizar manualmente el Bot agent

Para verificar qué Bot agent versión es compatible con esta Automation 360 versión, consulte ../common/../deployment-planning/on-prem-install/cloud-bot-agent-compatibility.html#tpc-cloud-bot-agent-compatibility__sec-bot-agent-release-compatibility.

Enhancements to browser extensions: The Automation 360 extensions for Google Chrome (version, Microsoft Edge (version, and Mozilla Firefox (version now include the following enhancements:
  • Support for HTML buttons and text actions in Interface trigger
  • Enhancements to the default search criteria for text boxes and check boxes using Recorder package.
  • Fixes for capturing objects with characters not valid in XML using the Recorder package.
  • Fixes to the Discovery Bot recorder with default browser (Google Chrome) search page.

Migration features

11.x and 10.x features
New system role to perform migration

Assign the AAE_Bot Migration Admin system role to the user who will perform migration. This role contains all the permissions required to view and manage the bot migration process. Using this role eliminates the manual effort of creating custom roles, selecting the required permissions, and assigning them to the users who perform the migration.

Enhanced bot runtime window

When you migrate bots using the Bot Migration Wizard, the bot runtime window now shows the name of the 11.x or 10.x bot file that is currently migrated.

You can now migrate bots with the Open webpage in a new window and Open a webpage in an existing window settings.
You can now migrate 11.x and 10.x bots with multiple versions of a DLL.
11.x only features
MetaBot screens: Custom objects and play mode enhancements
  • Custom objects within the Image play mode are now fully supported.
  • Linked objects are now captured.
Enhanced Hide/Show option in Control Room

For bots available in the Control Room (the My bots folder), a filter is available to hide or show older .mbot and .atmx files displayed in the window.

Global values for SAP

The migration process creates the JcoDllPath and JcoJarPath global values of type string to support migration of SAP BAPI.

Enhanced Database action functionality

The Database action now supports connecting to Oracle databases using SID and or Service_name. In previous releases, only connecting with SID was supported.

New email variable strings

New email sent and received string variables are available for the Loop, Import DataSet, and Export Dataset actions to insert sent values for date and time.

Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Web Services support

The Send function in the Email package supports EWS OAuth2.0, improving backward-compatibility.

Manually migrate from 11.x to Cloud-enabled environment

You can now manually migrate from 11.x to a Cloud-enabled environment. In this migration, you must create all the entities such as users, roles, and credentials manually, except bots. All 11.x versions are supported for this migration.

Migración de 11.x Automation 360 Cloud a activada

10.x only features
Migrate MetaBots screen with Password type variable

You can now migrate 10.x bots based on the MetaBot screen, which uses the Password type variable. During the migration, the logic (.logic file) in the .mbot file is migrated as a new TaskBot within the MetaBot folder. Also, the Password type variable is migrated as a credential variable and is assigned to a predefined locker.

Migrate TaskBots based on MetaBot Screen and DLL assets without using Logic

You can now migrate a TaskBot that references the Run MetaBot action for the MetaBot Screen and DLL assets directly, without using the MetaBot Logic. So you can migrate a TaskBot that contains MetaBot Screen and DLL assets.

RPA Workspace

What's new
Automation 360 navigation enhancements

We have enhanced the overall readability and accessibility of the Automation 360 interface. To make navigation easier, menus and views are organized based on frequently used features and related tasks.

The interface includes the following updates:
  • The Device, Profile, and Help icons are now located at the bottom of the navigation menu, consolidating all controls on the left for easy access.

    When you click these icons, flyout panels of content and actions are shown.

  • The side navigation menu can be collapsed to a slim bar to maximize the main workspace area.

    You can continue to use the side navigation in collapsed mode, with flyouts for each section.

Automation 360 navigation updates

Authenticate database connection with Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials (Service Cloud case ID 00676448)

You can now authenticate the Control Room database connection using Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials when you install the Control Room on Microsoft Azure.

Configurar el servidor y el tipo de base de datos

Prioritize your automations

Set priority on your automation and deployments to meet your business SLA and to optimally use your resources. You can set the preference when you create, edit, and schedule bots so that higher priority automations are deployed first. To run and schedule automations, you must be assigned the permission Set automation priority to high by the Control Room admin.

Permisos de función para un rol | Set automation priority for your bots | Programar un bot

Deploy workload automation on a multi-user Windows terminal server

To optimize workload automation and multi-user devices, you can deploy workload automations on a multi-user Windows terminal server so that a single device can process multiple work items concurrently.

Acerca de los dispositivos multiusuario | Acerca de los grupos de dispositivos

Control Room and Bot agent compatibility checks for automation

To manage the lifecycle of your automation, you can view dependency information about minimum compatible Control Room and Bot agent versions when you create and deploy automations. You can then update your automation and reduce runtime errors caused by an incompatible Control Room or Bot agent version.

Contenido de la paleta Actions para la creación de bot

New actions in the SAP BAPI package

Use the following new actions:

  • Run standard workflow: Runs a standard workflow in SAP BAPI.
  • Run custom workflow: Runs a custom workflow in SAP BAPI.


New actions in File package

Use the following new actions:

  • Get name: Reads a file name and stores it to a string.
  • Get path: Reads the path of the file and stores it to a string.

File package

Common table expression supported in Database package

You can now use common table expression (CTE) in the Read from action using the WITH keyword in SQL-compliant databases such as Oracle and MySQL. Use CTE statements within a SQL query to simplify complex joins and subqueries.

Uso de laaction Leer desde

Support for large numbers in Number package (Service Cloud case ID:00557619)

You can now perform mathematical operations for large numbers with more precision in the Number package.

Number package

Snowflake database support using OBDC driver (Service Cloud case ID:00761695)

Snowflake OBDC driver is now supported in the Database package. You can connect to the Snowflake database using ODBC-based client applications.

The following actions support this feature:

  • Connect
  • Disconnect
  • Read from
  • Export to data table
  • Insert/Update/Delete
Variables: new features and enhancements (Service Cloud Case ID:00740585)
  • Edit the variable name after the variable is created.
  • Delete all or a specific selection of unused variables from a bot.
Universal Recorder new features and enhancements
  • Record object interactions in applications built on the Electron framework.
  • Perform double-click in all supported applications and browsers.
Limit credential attribute use to password fields only (Service Cloud Case ID:00740585)

When you create or edit a credential attribute, ensure that bots input the attribute value only in fields that are identified as password fields by selecting the Set this attribute as a password option.

Organize device pools to check for available devices in a preferred order

If you select multiple device pools (either in the Run now or Schedule window), you can now arrange the device pools in the order of preference. When a bot is deployed, the Control Room selects the first available device based on the order in which you organized the device pools. If none of the devices are available at the time of deployment, the bot is queued.

Default names for output variables

When you configure an output variable for the actions in the Error handler and Python Script packages, the Control Room automatically generates a descriptive default variable name. If you create more than one output variable for an action, the subsequent variable names are appended with a -1, -2, -3, and so on to avoid a variable name conflict.

New string action to support nested variables

Use the String > Evaluate value action to compare a user-specified string variable with the string variables in the bot. If a match is found, the action returns the value of the matching variable.

String package

Delete Global values

A user with the Administración_A role can delete a global value from the All global values page.

Valores globales

High availability support

For Cloud-enabled users, high availability is supported through three-node deployments.

String package enhancement

A new option to support local numbering styles is now available in the String package. You can now select your local format, represented by ISO-3166.

Dependent files and package information in Export package audit details

In the Audit details of an exported package, you can now view the list of dependent files and packages associated with the exported package. This feature enables you to analyze what the exported package contains and identify any discrepancies. If you chose to include packages during an export, then only the package information is included in the audit details.

ODBC driver support for all connection strings (Service Cloud Case ID: 00748887, 00777676)

An Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver is now available to support all the ODBC connection strings in the same way it was used in the Enterprise 11.x version. Using SQL as a standard for accessing and managing data, you can connect to MySQL, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and other databases using the ODBC driver.

Share a DLL session

You can now share a DLL session between bots.

New CredentialAllowPassword annotation

Use the new CredentialAllowPassword annotation in the package SDK to allow the selection of a credential attribute marked as a password. You can use this annotation when creating a new SDK package or when modifying an existing one.

Configure and use credential allow password annotation

Enhancements to check-in, check-out, and cloning permissions (Service Cloud Case ID: 00645904, 00720237, 00752197, 00760306, 00764684)
  • When performing a check-in, you can now choose the dependencies to check in along with the bot. Directly referenced dependencies will be automatically checked in with the bot.
  • When a bot is checked in along with a cloned bot and there are no other bots dependent on the clone, the cloned bot is now deleted.
  • When performing a check-out, you can now choose the dependencies you want to check out with the bot. The dependencies that are not selected during the check-out are now cloned.
  • During check-out, you can now overwrite or replace a cloned bot.
Bot agent installer includes shortcut for AARI Assistant

A shortcut to access AARI Assistant easily is added on the desktop and Windows menu when you install a Bot agent.

Registre dispositivo e instalae Bot agent

What's changed
Bot Scanner shows invalid bots in "cannot be migrated" list

The Bot Scanner is updated to show invalid bots as blocked from migration because these invalid bots were failing before and after migration. For example, 11.x or 10.x bots that referenced non-existent variables failed. So some bots will no longer be shown in the can be migrated list of bots but will instead be shown in the cannot be migrated list in the output report. This can decrease the number of bots that can be migrated to Automation 360.

Change in names of file locations and folders

File locations and folder names are now updated for the change in product name (from Enterprise A2019 to Automation 360). For example, the file location for the default installation path is changed from C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\ to C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Automation360. We will be updating these locations and names on our documentation pages soon.

Source string is optional in Split action (Service Cloud case ID: 000687257, 00702258)

In bots (including bots migrated from 11.x), when you use the Split action in the String package, the Source string field is now optional. You can run the bot without providing a source string value. Migrated bots that contain empty input strings now execute successfully.

Mandatory prerequisites validation before migrating bot

When you migrate bots using the Migrate bots option in the Bot Migration Wizard, a prerequisite validation message appears with a checklist of all the validation items. The system now validates these prerequisites automatically to ensure that all prerequisites are met before you start the bot migration. Previously, validating prerequisites was optional.

If the prerequisite validations are completed with a failure, a validation report appears with the list of items for which validation failed. If the prerequisite validations are completed without any failure, the bot migration is started.

Change in default Control Room database name

The default Control Room database name is now changed from AAE-Database to Automation360-Database.

If you are upgrading from an earlier release to this release, enter your existing Control Room database name to preserve your data.

Microsoft SQL Server clustering for high availability

You can now use Microsoft SQL Server clustering for automatic and graceful failover of high availability deployments in Control Room clusters.

Requisitos de la base de datos

Bot agent nickname is hidden

The nickname of a Bot agent (added during installation) is now hidden when you switch the registration of a user device from one Control Room instance to another.

User interface change in the Open action of Excel packages

In the Excel basic and Excel advanced packages, the Sheet contains header check box now appears below the Select file field.

User interface change in the Variables palette
  • The User-defined variables list is now named Your variables
  • System, String, and Clipboard variables are organized within Predefined variables
Digits with comma considered a valid number (Service Cloud case ID: 00623458)

In migrated bots, a set of digits that uses a comma is now considered a valid number. This change enables you to successfully verify mathematical operations and If, ElseIf, and Loop variable conditions containing various operators.

Date comparison works with dates in different formats (Service Cloud case ID: 00723479)

Date condition actions are now successfully migrated to the equivalent date conditions in On-Premises. The date condition now works with multiple subformats of the main format (MM/dd/yyyy). Therefore, you do not have to manually change the date format per the source format of the migrated bots that contain date strings.

Use string value with numeric operators

Migrated bots that contain If or While actions that use string values or a variable containing a string value with <, <=, >, and >= numeric operators now run successfully.

Enhancement to Extract field action in PDF package

Use the PDF viewer in the Extract field action to extract all the form field data and selected text, and store the form data to variables.

Uso del campo Extraer action

Connect automatically to SQL server for Windows authentication (Service Cloud case ID: 00691554)

When you upgrade the Bot agent, you no longer have to add dll files manually to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server using Windows authentication.

Previously, users had to manually add dll files to configure devices and use the Connect action from the Database package to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server with Windows NT authentication.

Enhancement to Active Directory mapping

You can now create AD groups using commas in the naming on the AD server side and the Control Room side. Previously, this caused an error.

Enhancement to the Split action of String package

Migrated bots now run successfully when the Split action is used to split a string available in an input variable and that variable is empty.

The following table lists the fixes and the builds in which they were fixed. Build 9637 is the latest build for Cloud and includes fixes from the previous builds. On-Premises is on Build 9642.