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Migrate all bots in a sub-folder API

  • Actualizado: 2021/02/04
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Administrar
    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Migrate all bots in a sub-folder API

Migrate all the bots separately as well as from a given folder and all if its sub-folders in your Control Room repository.

Antes de empezar

  • Find the folder ID you want to migrate. The List files and folders by workspace API searches for files and folders in the private or public Control Room repositories. Filter the results to identify the folder ids to be used in the request body.
  • For one or more users with a RUNTIME device license. Use userIds for registered users in the Control Room as unattended bot runners with a RUNTIME device license and registered device. Search for users API
  • You must have an admin role to migrate bots and folders.


  1. Añade el token de autenticación a la cabecera de la solicitud.
  2. Utilice el método POST y la URL del punto final: <your_control_room_url>/v3/migration/start

    Request parameters:

    Parámetro Obligatorio Tipo Descripción
    folderIds Entero Folder IDs for all the bots contained in the sub-folder with the folderIds.
    userIds Entero User IDs for an unattended Bot Runner user.
    includeChildFolders No Booleano

    Set this parameter to true if you want to include child folders for the migration. The default value is false.

    This following request starts a migration for all the bots contained in the sub-folder with the folderIds: 7 and userIds: 18.

    Cuerpo de la solicitud:

      "name": "Follow a convention that is meaningful and easy to search.",
      "description": "Add a meaningful description.",
      "overwriteBots": true,
      "userIds": [
      "folderIds": [
      "includeChildFolders": true
  3. Envía la solicitud.
    The successful response includes a 200 success code and an empty body.
    { }
La API REST responde a cada solicitud con un código de respuesta HTTP. Para los códigos de respuesta, véase API response codes.

Qué hacer a continuación

You can view the status of the migration using the Lista de resultados de la migración API API.
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