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Creating a user account

  • Actualizado: 2020/07/15
    • Estudio 11.3.x
    • Explorar
    • Enterprise

Creating a user account

Users must have at least one role associated with their accounts to use Human-Bot Collaboration clients such as Designer and Assistant.


  1. Sign in to the Human-Bot Collaboration Designer as Admin.
  2. Click New user.
  3. On the New user page, enter the following credentials:
    • First name: first name of the user.
    • Last name: last name of the user.
    • Email: email address of the user.
      Note: User must use this email in the Username field to log in to Human-Bot Collaboration Designer or Assistant.
    • Password: Enter a password for the user. Ensure that you are assigning a password that follows the password policy of your organization.
      Note: All special characters are supported except for space and double quotes.
  4. Use the Roles column to assign a role to the user.
    Each role has specific privileges and permissions for access and certain actions in Human-Bot Collaboration. See Overview of user roles.
  5. Use the Teams column to assign the user to any available teams.
    Note: You can click the + icon to create a team. You are then prompted the Team details (Name and Description). See Creating a new team.
  6. Click Save.
    The new user receives the login credentials on the registered email address.
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