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Human-Bot Collaboration ports, protocols, and firewall requirements

  • Actualizado: 2020/07/15
    • Estudio 11.3.x
    • Explorar
    • Enterprise

Human-Bot Collaboration ports, protocols, and firewall requirements

Review the default and configurable firewall, port, and protocol requirements for the Human-Bot Collaboration deployment.

Add Human-Bot Collaboration components (Server and clients) to the Windows firewall exception list.
Note: Review the Microsoft support website for instructions on adding Windows firewall exceptions.

Configure the firewall rules for the Human-Bot Collaboration Server and client, which includes Launcher, Designer, and Assistant activity.

The following table lists the required ports and their use:

Protocol Incoming port Usage Connecting component
HTTP 80 HTTP Designer, Launcher, and Assistant
HTTPS 443 HTTPS Designer, Launcher, and Assistant
TCP 1433 Microsoft SQL Server Human-Bot Collaboration Server services
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