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Uninstall Human-Bot Collaboration

  • Aktualisiert: 2021/12/20
    • 11.3.x
    • Installieren
    • Enterprise

Uninstall Human-Bot Collaboration

If you encounter any issues with the installation, you can manually uninstall the Human-Bot Collaboration Server and clients or rerun the installer to remove services.


You must stop the Human-Bot Collaboration services, using the Server Manager, before uninstalling the Human-Bot Collaboration Server.


  • Manually uninstall the Human-Bot Collaboration services:
    1. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features.
    2. Select the required Human-Bot Collaboration clients or Server file.
    3. Click Uninstall.
      Note: After uninstalling the necessary components, you can safely remove all the related folders because this process does not delete them. For example: C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\Human-Bot Collaboration.

      When you uninstall the Human-Bot Collaboration services, the database or any of the following dependencies are not deleted:

      • Erlang/OTP
      • RabbitMQ
      • .NET Framework
      • SQL Server Native Client
        Note: These dependencies can be manually uninstalled using third-party procedures.
  • Run the Human-Bot Collaboration clients installer and remove all the services from your system:
    1. Navigate to the location of the Human-Bot Collaboration clients installer.
    2. Run the Human-Bot Collaboration clients installer.
    3. Proceed until the Remove option is shown.
    4. Click Remove.
      Note: No warning appears to confirm the uninstallation, so proceeding with the Remove option removes all the installed services.

      After the installer finishes, all Human-Bot Collaboration services are successfully removed.

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