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IQ Bot trials quick start guide

  • Updated: 11/05/2021
    • 11.3.x
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IQ Bot trials quick start guide

IQ Bot stores images and documents uploaded by users or Remote Process Automation (RPA) tasks and extracts structured data from those images and documents, for example, Tiffs, PNG, and JPG images and PDF documents. You can build your IQ Bot and experience the ease of using cognitive automation on the IQ Bot trials site.

Get started with IQ Bot

To use the IQ Bot Trials site, first register for the IQ Bot Trial site, then login with credentials from the welcome email you receive.

On the IQ Bot Trials site, you can perform the following tasks.

  • Create a learning instance
  • Upload invoice documents to the learning instance
  • Train an invoice document, and
  • Export data to a CSV file

What happens when you upload a document to IQ Bot?

  1. IQ Bot takes structured data, for example, invoice documents in the learning instances.
  2. Categorizes documents similar in content layout and content in an IQ Bot for invoice documents in one or multiple groups.
  3. Trains IQ Bots and extracts data from documents to a CSV file.
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