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Creating a learning instance with English invoices

  • Updated: 11/05/2021
    • 11.3.x
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Creating a learning instance with English invoices

Create a learning instance to train your learning instance and to improve the accuracy of extracted data.

For example, learning instance created for different types of invoice documents for banks, insurance companies, and pharmacies. Based on the training provided to the learning instance and its documents, the accuracy of extracted data is improved.

Note: You can use different invoices in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF, and other format to train your learning instance.
  1. Open the IQ Bot portal.
  2. Click LEARNING INSTANCES > New Instance.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Instance name: Enter a name for the instance. For example, enter Learning Instance Invoice.
    • Domain: Select Invoices, that is, the domain for the documents you are going to upload.
    • Primary language of files: Select the language of the instance from the drop-down list. For example, select English for uploading invoices in English.
    • Description(optional): Enter a description for the learning instance.
    • Upload files from: Click Browse and select all the English Invoices from the folder where you had downloaded them on your desktop and click Open.
      Tip: Besides image formats, such as TIFF, JPG, and PNG files, you can also upload PDF (Vector and Raster) documents for classification and analysis.
      Note: You can upload a file of maximum 12 MB size during learning instance creation/editing.

    Creating a learning instance

  4. Select the standard form and table fields that you want to add from Standard form fields and Standard table fields sections.

    Select standard forms and table forms

  5. Enter names of the form fields in the text box in Other Fields (Optional) section and click Add as form to add customized form fields. Similarly, you can add new table fields and click Add as table.
  6. Click Create instance and analyze to create the instance.

    The process of classification of invoice documents begins where the invoices are grouped together and analysed. IQ Bot categorizes invoice documents similar in content layout and content in one or multiple groups.

    You can now train your IQ Bot for this learning instance.

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