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Credit Check Assistant for Salesforce

  • Updated: 9/03/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Credit Check Assistant for Salesforce

Run fully automated credit checks and return insightful information to your Salesforce record detail pages for targeting growth opportunities with business accounts.

Credit Check Assistant is an intelligent automation solution that features credit checks and valuable insights on client accounts geared to enrich business by highlighting financial details and potential risks. Credit Check Assistant is an extension ofRPA Bots for Salesforce, designed for Salesforce users that navigate and analyze financial risk and credit data. The Salesforce objects used in Credit Check Assistant operations include the following:
  • Account
    Create an account record for each client where you can collect all business information, contact details, and credit status in one place.
    Note: Instances where multiple accounts with the same name exist, for example a franchise with multiple locations, might prompt additional steps for the credit check process to proceed. Credit Check Assistant sends a notification based on your preferences to verify the accurate instance.
  • Opportunity

    Record and track the progress of your business with a client and trigger a credit check if the configured criteria are met.

  • Quote

    Collect and track additional documents and information as business with your client develops. You can also configure a credit check to be triggered when specific criteria are met.

  • Error log

    Quickly access and review any errors that might occur by navigating to Credit Check Assistant > Admin Settings > Error Log.

Get started with Credit Check Assistant

Perform the following steps to set up and start using Credit Check Assistant:

  1. Verify that your environment meets all the prerequisites and begin the installation.

    Installation of Credit Check Assistant for Salesforce

  2. Configure Credit Check Assistant general settings for your organization, such as how to receive notifications.

    Configure Automation Anywhere Credit Check Assistant for Salesforce

  3. Add the desired lightning web components to the record detail pages.

    Permission sets and web components for Credit Check Assistant

  4. Configure the measurements and values of your credit check in a scorecard and set corresponding limits.

    Create Credit Check Assistant scorecard and credit limit

  5. Enable the process to be fully automated by creating a record-triggered flow for Credit Check Assistant.

    Configure record-triggered flow for Credit Check Assistant

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