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Lockbox Assistant for Salesforce

  • Updated: 9/13/2021
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Lockbox Assistant for Salesforce

Alleviate the manual work of accounts receivable processing, matching, and applying payments with this fully automated, RPA based, Lightning application.

Automation Anywhere Lockbox Assistant is a module of RPA Bots for Salesforce designed to automate payments processed through your established lockbox by Accounts Receivables(AR). Powered by Automation Anywhere Control Room, Lockbox Assistant uses SFTP/FTP to safely collect and process your posted files, such as CSV and Excel, and account data to solve pending Salesforce Billing Invoices then apply lockbox deposits based on customizable settings. Activity and trends can be analyzed and managed through your Lockbox Assistant dashboard to simplify and progressively improve payment processing.


Before using Lockbox Assistant, review and complete the following prerequisites.
  • Ensure you meet the following package dependencies.
    • Salesforce CPQ 226.8.2+
    • Salesforce Billing 226.2
  • Ensure that you have completed setup of the RPA Bots for Salesforce v3.x foundation in your Salesforce instance for your organization. RPA Bots for Salesforce
    Note: This prerequisite is not to be confused with configuration of RPA Bots for Salesforce for Lockbox Assistant, that follows. You must ensure your Control Room, Salesforce Org, and callback integration are complete before continuing.

Lockbox Assistant for Salesforce v1.0 installation and setup

The Automation Anywhere Lockbox Assistant solution is a Salesforce packaged offering with customizable integrations with lockbox payments posting files in various EDI formats such as CSV and Excel today (BAI2, ACH, and other formats on the roadmap) to collect and process payment data files for the purposes of automating receivables postings from lockbox deposits to Salesforce Billing Invoices.
Note: This automated feature requires your security credentials to authorize data transfer of your encrypted files to Lockbox Assistant.
  1. Download and install the Automation Anywhere Lockbox Assistant application from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Make the necessary configurations in RPA Bots for Salesforce for Lockbox Assistant.

    Configure RPA Bots for Salesforce for Lockbox Assistant

    Tip: Gain insight into how the Automation Anywhere Control Room collaborates with your Salesforce Org to automate Lockbox Assistant. Relationships of RPA Bots for Salesforce
  3. Review the entire process before starting, then customize your file settings.

    Customize Lockbox Assistant file settings

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