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View bot results for RPA Bots for Excel

  • Updated: 11/03/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • AARI
    • Process flow

View bot results for RPA Bots for Excel

View bot results using the RPA Bots for Excel plug-in.

After the bot is triggered, the bot results are saved and available for viewing from the Run Results tab.


  1. From the Excel application, select Automation > Bots > Run Results.
    The Run Results page appears in the right panel. The bot.atmx file is displayed with the time stamp when the bot was triggered.
  2. Click Refresh to refresh results from the last triggered bot.
  3. Click the bot.atmx file to display more detailed information about the triggered bot.
    The following information is displayed from the Run Results page:
    Field Description
    Status The bot status, which can be one of the following: Completed, Running, or Failed.
    Time Initiated The time the bot was executed.
    Bot Output The results returned by the bot, if available. You can copy and save the results from this field to any file.
    Output Processing Options The output processing option used to generate the bot results. Click the drop-down list to select either the Default: Save to Cell or Map Output variables option. When the Map Output variables option is used, the output variables you created are displayed.
  4. Click Reprocess Results to trigger the bot results again.
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