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Automation Anywhere Mobile app

  • Updated: 2020/06/18

    Automation Anywhere Mobile app

    The Automation Anywhere Mobile application (app) enables you to monitor and manage your digital workforce through your mobile devices. The app provides real-time data visualizations in operational and business dashboards and bot status information (completions, in-progress, and failures). You can also upload documents for IQ Bot processing, and start and stop bots.

    Use the Automation Anywhere Mobile app to monitor and manage bots. The app provides the following features:

    In progress
    Start, pause, or stop individual bots.
    View the status of each bot with details of the start date and time, run time, and device name.
    Best Workers
    Choose key bots for monitoring by clicking the star icon on the left of these bots.
    Business dashboards
    View data and charts of the business aspects of a bot.
    Bot Insight Business dashboard
    Example: Build a bot that creates a dashboard
    Operational dashboards
    View data and charts of bots that are deployed on performance on different Bot Runner machines.
    Bot Insight Operation dashboard
    IQ Bot
    Upload documents to the Control Room using a mobile device. Capture an image of an invoice, purchase order, utility bill, bank statement, auto insurance claim, or health insurance claim.
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