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Production environment

  • Updated: 8/12/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Production environment

The learning instance workflow consists of the Staging and Production environments. This is a live environment where a learning instance is set into operation with actual business documents uploaded from a bot.

The learning instance uses the bots created in the Staging environment and executes on actual business documents uploaded against it from a TaskBot.

The primary purpose of the Production environment is as follows:
  • Run the bot on uploaded business documents to extract relevant data, thereby automating the business process.
  • Do the following tasks in the Production environment:
    • Collect the processed documents that IQ Bot processes, which can result in end-to-end, or unclassified processing.
    • Validate the documents marked for review and export the output to a CSV file for manual review.
    • Do manual review and correction of the extracted data and submit back to IQ Bot.
    • Mark incorrect documents as invalid.
    • Collect and download the invalid documents.

If you upload a single document containing several types of documents (such as invoice, purchase orders, and proof of ID), the IQ Bot Classifier enables you to split the uploaded pages and sort them by categories, so they can be processed by the right learning instance. For more information, see Training groups incrementally in IQ Bot (A-People login required).

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