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Product license permissions

  • Updated: 2020/10/06

    Product license permissions

    This topic describes the available default product licenses.

    Licenses are applied at the product level and the device level. At a minimum, apply the Control Room product license to view the Control Room. From that apply additional licenses to enable specific functions.

    Licenses required Privileges enabled
    Control Room product license and Bot Creator (Development) device license Automate bots in Enterprise Client. Issued as number of users.
    IQ Bot product license and IQ Bot device license Run IQ Bots within the parent TaskBots.

    The IQ Bot license number of users can be distributed between Unattended and Attended Bot Runners.

    For example, if you have 50 licenses, you can allot any number between 0-50 to Unattended or Attended Bot Runners. The total licenses distributed to Unattended and Attended Bot Runners cannot exceed 50.
    Bot Insight product license Bot Insight provides real-time, RPA native analytics for both business insights and operational intelligence. Bot Insight Analytics license is purchased on a per user basis.
    Trial License A trial license is shipped with validity of 30 days; on expiry of Trial licenses the user must contact System Administrator or Automation Anywhere Sales to purchase a new license.
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