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Custom filter management in Private Bot Store

  • Updated: 2020/12/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Custom filter management in Private Bot Store

Create your own filters and tags to organize your automations in Private Bot Store using the custom filter management page.

Custom filter management enables you to perform the following activities:

  • Rename any of the default filters such as Applications and Departments, and tags (specific categories) such as Excel and Finance.
  • Add up to six of your own custom filters.
  • Add your own custom tags, with up to three nested layers of tags, for example, 2021 > Q1 > January.
  • Select which filters you want to appear first in your Private Bot Store navigation.
  • Select up to five top tags to appear first under their filter.

The custom filters are displayed throughout Private Bot Store, including:

  • In the top navigation, filters on the left, and search results.
  • On the listing submission form, where bot builders can select custom tags for their bots.
  • On bot detail pages, where users can see how each bots is categorized.

Edit filters

  1. You must have an admin user permission to access the Manage Filters page in Private Bot Store.
  2. Navigate to Private Bot Store > Manage Filters > Admin Tools > Manage Filters.
  3. Edit the default filters to match your company terminology.

    Whenever possible, use default filter names, such as Departments, rather than creating your own filters. As a result, all the existing bots are already tagged and you do not have to tag them again.

  4. Under Actions, click the Rename Filter action (pencil icon) to rename the filter.
  5. Click Add Filter to add a new filter. Enter the name for the new filter.

    You can add up to six custom filters.

  6. Select a filter and click Reorder entry on the left and place the filter into your desired order.

    The filter order is reflected in the Private Bot Store navigation and the filter panel.

  7. Click the delete (X) action in the right column to delete any custom filter.

    You cannot delete default filters.

Edit tags

  1. Navigate Admin Tools > Manage Filters > Actions select a filter and click the tree icon Add and Edit Tags action.
  2. Select a tag and click the tree icon to Add Child Tag within a tag. Enter a new child tag name.

    You can add up to three layers of nested tags.

  3. Click the Rename Tag action to rename any tag.

    For the default tags, the original Tag Name continues to appear in the Default Name column for your reference.

  4. Select up to five Top Tag in the left column to display those tags at the top of the list within each filter.

    Use this for your company most-used applications or other important bot categories. Other than the selected Top Tag, tags are displayed in alphabetical order.

  5. Click the delete (X) action to delete any custom tag.

    You cannot delete the default tags.

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