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Submit and approve bots using Private Bot Store

  • Updated: 2020/10/01
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • Private Bot Store

Submit and approve bots using Private Bot Store

Use Private Bot Store to submit, review, and approve detailed bot listings for all of the bots your team has built.


  • Submit internal bots:
    To submit a new bot:
    1. From Private Bot Store, click My Submissions.
    2. Click Add New Bot.
    3. Enter all the required fields, such as bot description, benefits, and requirements.
    4. Review the documentation examples for each field and follow the suggested guidelines.
    5. Click Submit or click Save to save the bot before submitting it.
      After you submit your bot, your Private Bot Store admin team receives an email to review the bot.

      Your bot will be published or it might be send back for an update and resubmission.

  • Review internal bot submissions
    Private Bot Store admin users approve or reject bot submissions before they can be published.
    1. As an admin user, navigate to Private Bot Store and click All Submissions.
    2. Click Review Bot to review each submitted bot.
    3. Approve or reject the submitted bot:
    • Approve and publish a bot: On the Review Bot page, click Approve to publish the bot.
    • Reject the bot and request updates: On the Review Bot page, click Reject to reject the bot and send feedback to the bot submitter with instructions for updates.
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