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Set up A-People user access to Private Bot Store

  • Updated: 2020/07/24
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • Private Bot Store

Set up A-People user access to Private Bot Store

A-People user access and management is included out-of-the-box with Private Bot Store. Within Private Bot Store, your company admin can manage users. Other users with granted permissions can access Private Bot Store with the same credentials they use for public Bot Store and other Automation Anywhere sites.


  • Set up A-People user access
    After your first admin users get access to Private Bot Store, they can add additional users. Any Private Bot Store user with admin access can manage users from the Private Bot Store - User Access Settings page.
  • Add new users individually or in bulk
    1. Navigate to User Access Settings.
    2. Click Add Users.
    3. Enter the email addresses for the users you want to add.
      Invited users will receive an invitation email with instructions to set up their account.
  • Change user permission level
    Only admin users can modify permission levels by selecting the correct level in the Access panel.
  • Delete users
    Select Delete in the Actions panel.
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