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Order of the automation queue

  • Updated: 2022/07/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

Order of the automation queue

You can define the order in which your automations run in the queues.

This topic describes options of orders in which you can run the automation queues.

Round robin

This option runs your automations at equal time intervals specified in the Time slice field. You can set a Time slice in seconds, minutes, or hours and you can calculate or estimate the time for each automation, and then provide this number.

  • The default time slice is 5 minutes.
  • The time slice cannot be set to zero.

Automations are executed for only 5 minutes first, then the system checks for other automations in queue for execution. If there are other automations in the queue, that automation is paused and the next automation is executed. This method continues until all automations in the queue are executed.

Priority as shown in table

With this option, automations run based on a priority defined in the priority table. You can run automations in the order of priority and set the individual priorities for each of the queues. Priority 1 is the highest priority and that queue is processed first and completely by the device pool. Then the device pool moves onto the processing queue with Priority 2. When the queue with Priority 2 is processed completely, the device pool proceeds to processing queue with Priority 3, and so on. Automations are processed until all automations are consumed from the specified automation queue.

Note: This option is available only on the Run with queue automations tab.
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