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Migration APIs

  • Updated: 2021/10/09
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Migration APIs

Use migration APIs to migrate MetaBots and TaskBots that were created in Enterprise client versions Enterprise 11 and Enterprise 10 to Automation 360. Use this page to review the migration prerequisites and access Enterprise 11 and Enterprise 10 Migration APIs.

Note: You can view the Control Room APIs in the Community Edition, but API functionality is limited. You need a licensed Automation 360 Edition to access the full functionality of the APIs.


Complete the prerequisites before migrating Enterprise 11 bots to Automation 360. Prerequisite tasks for migrating bots

Enterprise 11 Migration APIs

  1. Start migration API

  2. Migrate all bots in a sub-folder API
  3. List migration results API
  4. Bot migration results by id API
  5. Migration action mapping results API

Enterprise 10 Migration APIs

  1. Connect to Enterprise 10 database
  2. Validate master key and repository path
  3. Initiate Enterprise 10 data migration process

    (Optional) Use any the following APIs to retrieve the migration results.

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