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Retrieve details of device pool by ID

  • Updated: 2021/01/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Retrieve details of device pool by ID

Retrieve the details of a specific device pool by its numeric identifier (ID).


Note: View the Control Room APIs in the Community Edition, but API functionality is limited. You need a licensed Automation 360 Edition to access the full functionality of the APIs.

Ensure you have the following to use this API:

  • View and manage ALL device(s): View and manage all the devices, including devices registerd by other users.
  • All API calls must contain an authentication token in the request header. Use the Authentication API to generate a JSON Web Token. See Authentication API.
  • Device pool id: The unique numeric identifier of the device pool for which you want to retrieve details.

This task searches in the Control Room for a specific device pool. The API passes the device pool {id} as part of the URL string. No request body is required.


  1. Add the authentication token to the request header.
  2. Use the GET method and endpoint URL: <your_control_room_url>/v2/devices/pools/{id}.
    Enter the device pool ID in the URL.
    In this example, the device pool ID is 27.
  3. Send the request.
    When the request is successful, all the details associated with the passed device pools ID are returned in response body.
    In this example, the name, automation scheme, status, Bot Runners, owners, and consumers, associated with the device pool ID 27 are returned in the response body
    Response body:
      "id": "27",
      "name": "finance-device-pool",
      "description": "Finance department device pool",
      "automationScheme": "ROUND_ROBIN",
      "status": "CONNECTED",
      "timeSlice": "5",
      "timeSliceUnit": "MINUTES",
      "deviceIds": [
      "ownerIds": [
      "consumerIds": [],
      "detailedStatus": "ALL_DISCONNECTED",
      "updatedBy": "48",
      "updatedOn": "2020-04-27T14:29:05.655896Z",
      "createdBy": "48",
      "createdOn": "2020-04-25T10:46:44.642586Z",
      "tenantUuid": "c0a8f10a-717f-130b-8171-7f4762280000",
      "tenantId": "4"
Review the details of the listed device pool to determine if it meets your bot deployment requirements. Some of the fields in the response are used as input to other APIs.
Evaluate these details:
The id uniquely identifies this device pool in the Control Room. Use this id as input for the poolIds for bot deployment.

Bot Deploy

This is the user-defined name for the device pool. Filter the device pool name using filters in the list device pools task.

List device pools API

List of the unique numeric IDs for Bot Runner devices that are part of this device pool.
The IDs of the owners of this device pool. Device pool owners can view, edit, or delete the device pool.
The IDs for users who can view this device while running automations.

The REST API responds to each request with an HTTP response code. For response codes, see API response codes.

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