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Deploy bots using API

  • Updated: 2022/04/07
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace
    • API docs

Deploy bots using API

Use a combination of endpoints to deploy bots from the public workspace to Bot Runner devices.

Note: View the Control Room APIs in the Community Edition, but API functionality is limited. You need a licensed Automation 360 Edition to access the full functionality of the APIs.

Prerequisites to deploy a bot

Ensure that you are allocated the following resources:
  • View and Run my bots feature permission
  • Run and schedule permissions for the folders that contain the bots
  • Access to Bot Runner licensed users
  • Access to either a default device or a device pool
    Note: If the user associated with the Bot Runner license has a default device assigned to their account, the bot deploys on that device. If no default device is assigned, or you want to select a different device, then you must specify a device pool.

Deploy a bot

  1. Authenticate (username and password)
  2. List files and folders by workspace API
  3. List available unattended Bot Runners API
  4. Optional: List device pools API
  5. Bot Deploy
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