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Run bot with queue API

  • Updated: 2020/09/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace
    • API docs

Run bot with queue API

Create an automation to collectively process all the Work Items of a queue across all the Bot Runners present in one or more device pools using the API.


  • You must have the following permissions:
    • Run bot
    • Run or schedule permission on the bot folder
    • Queue consumer
    • Device pool consumer
  • You must have the endpoint URLs:
    • <your_control_room_url>/v3/wlm/automations
    • <your_control_room_url>/v1/usermanagement/users/list
    • <your_control_room_url>/v3/wlm/queues/list
    • <your_control_room_url>/v2/devices/pools/list


  1. Use the POST method and endpoint URL: <your_control_room_url>/v3/wlm/automations.
    Enter parameters such as name of the automation, fileId, filename, queueID, queueName, runAsUserIds, and poolId.
    • If you want to search or get a list of all the available queueId, use the endpoint URL <your_control_room_url>/v3/wlm/queues/list.

      List WLM queues

    • If you want to search or get a list of all the runAsUserIds, use the endpoint URL: <your_control_room_url>/v1/usermanagement/users/list.

      Search for users API

    • If you want to search or get a list of all the poolId, use the endpoint URL: <your_control_room_url>/v2/devices/pools/list.

      List device pools API

    In this example, the parameters are entered as follows:
    • Automation name as Finance-RPA-Run
    • Bot fileName as wlmql
    • runAsUserIds as 4 and 5 that will log in to the device to run the automation
    • queueID as 17, associated with the queue to run the automation
    • poolId as 1 that is associated with the pool
    Request body:
      "name": "Finance-RPA-Run",
      "automationName": "Finance-RPA-Run",
      "fileName": "wlmq1",
      "botInput": {
      "status": "ACTIVE",
      "description": "WLM for Finance",
      "rdpEnabled": false,
      "setAsDefaultDevice": false,
      "poolIds": [
      "workspaceName": "public",
      "timeZone": "Asia/Calcutta",
      "runAsUserIds": [
      "queueId": "17",
      "poolId": "1"
  2. Send the request.
    When the request is successful, a unique automation id is returned in the response body after the WLM automation run successfully. The details of the associated queue name and ID, and the user name IDs for which the automation is run are also provided.
    In this example, the response body returns the unique automation id as 12.
    Response body:
      "id": "12",
      "name": "Finance-RPA-Run",
      "status": "ACTIVE",
      "description": "WLM for Finance",
      "rdpEnabled": false,
      "priority": "1",
      "queueId": "17",
      "queueName": "Finance-Q",
      "poolId": "1",
      "runAsUserIds": [
      "fileId": "17",
      "startedOn": "2020-05-26T09:42:51.958893800Z",
      "startedBy": "24",
      "createdBy": "24",
      "createdOn": "2020-05-26T09:42:51.958893800Z",
      "updatedBy": "24",
      "updatedOn": "2020-05-26T09:42:51.958893800Z",
      "tenantId": "1",
      "version": "0",
      "tenantUuid": "4db5b32c-5c4b-4aee-8ca0-f53ec241563c"
    The REST API responds to each request with an HTTP response code. For details about the response codes, see API response codes.
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