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Search for users API

  • Updated: 2022/09/21
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace
    • API docs

Search for users API

Use the Search for users API to search for all users in the Control Room.


POST http://{{ControlRoomURL}}/v1/usermanagement/roles/list
Header: X-Authorization <<authentication token>>
All API calls must contain an authentication token in the request header. Use the Authentication API to generate a JSON web token. See Authentication API.
To search for users, you must have one of the following:
  • Admin role
  • Custom role with View Users permission
Request body:
  "filter": {
    "operator": "and",
    "operands": [
    "field": "name",
    "value": "device"
  "sort": [
      "field": "name",
      "direction": "asc"
  "page": {
    "offset": 0,
    "total": 100,
    "totalFilter": 100

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
sort Array No By default, search results are sorted in descending order of the IDs. To specify an alternate sorting, use the sort query parameter.

Enter the field by which you want to sort along with the direction asc (ascending) or desc (descending).

filter Object No Filters the result.
page Object No The page object allows you to get the desired number of pages.

For more information on Filtering, Pagination, and Sorting, see Filtering, pagination, and sorting.


  "page": {
    "offset": 0,
    "total": 100,
    "totalFilter": 100
  "list": [
      "id": 110,
      "roles": [
          "id": 0,
          "name": "string"
      "permissions": [
          "id": 59,
          "action": "managecredentials",
          "resourceId": null,
          "resourceType": "credentials"
      "licenseFeatures": [
      "principalId": 110,
      "domain": null,
      "email": "",
      "emailVerified": true,
      "passwordSet": true,
      "questionsSet": true,
      "enableAutoLogin": true,
      "username": "bot_creator",
      "firstName": "Mike",
      "lastName": "Bots",
      "description": "User to manage bots",
      "disabled": true,
      "clientRegistered": true,
      "createdBy": 27,
      "createdOn": "2022-03-17T19:32:20.620Z",
      "updatedBy": 29,
      "updatedOn": "2022-03-24T02:20:13.787Z"

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
offset Integer The starting list offset, used for pagination.
total Integer Total number of records.
totalFilter Integer Number of records after applying the filter.
List Array The array of List roles object.
List roles object
id Integer The unique Id of a specific role.
name String Name of role.
permissions Array Collection of unique permissions that have been assigned to the role.
licenseFeatures String License features that include - DEVELOPMENT - RUNTIME - IQBOTRUNTIME - ANALYTICSCLIENT - ANALYTICSAPI
description String Description of the role.
principalId Number Unique ID of the principal user.
email Integer