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List files and folders in a specific folder API

  • Updated: 2021/01/26
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace
    • API docs

List files and folders in a specific folder API

Return details about objects (bots, folders, and files) in a specific parent folder. This endpoint returns the object id, which is a numeric value that is used in other APIs to identify the file, folder or bot.


Note: You can view the Control Room APIs in the Community Edition, but API functionality is limited. You need a licensed Automation 360 Edition to access the full functionality of the APIs.
  • All API calls must contain an authentication token in the request header. Use the Authentication API to generate a JSON web token. See Authentication API.
  • To view objects in your private workspace, you must have a Bot Creator license and a role that includes the View my bots feature permission.
  • To view objects in the public workspace, you must be assigned a role that includes the View my bots feature permission and the View content bot permission to folders in the public workspace.
  • You require the folder ID for the folder you want to search in. Use one of the following Repository Management APIs to retrieve the object ID:

The example in this task searches for subfolders that contain the string finance.


  1. Add the authentication token to the request header.
  2. Use the POST method and endpoint URL: <control_room_url>/v2/repository/folders/{folderId}/list
    {folderId} is the object ID of the folder that in which you want to search.
    Request body: The following example request searches for folders that contain the word finance in the name.
      "filter": {
        "operator": "and",
        "operands": [
            "operator": "substring",
            "field": "name",
            "value": "finance"
            "operator": "eq",
            "field": "folder",
            "value": "true"

    Supported filterable fields

  3. Send the request.
    Response body: In a successful request, this endpoint returns the following data:
    • id: a unique numeric identifier for the object that matches the search parameters.
    • parentId: a unique numeric identifier for the parent folder.
    • folder: a boolean value that returns true if the object is a folder and false if it is a bot or other file.
    In this example response, the endpoint returns a folder with the object id of 40378.
      "page": {
        "offset": 0,
        "total": 329,
        "totalFilter": 1
      "list": [
          "id": "40378",
          "parentId": "2",
          "name": "EOD-finance-reports",
          "path": "Automation Anywhere\\Bots\\APAC\\EOD-finance-reports",
          "description": "",
          "type": "application/",
          "size": "0",
          "folder": true,
          "folderCount": "0",
          "productionVersion": "",
          "latestVersion": "",
          "locked": false,
          "lockedBy": "0",
          "createdBy": "2587",
          "lastModifiedBy": "2587",
          "lastModified": "2020-09-02T05:26:51.162916Z",
          "permission": {
              "delete": true,
              "download": false,
              "upload": false,
              "run": true,
              "publishBotstore": false,
              "viewContent": true,
              "clone": false,
              "editContent": true,
              "createFolder": true,
              "move": true,
              "cancelCheckout": false,
              "revertCheckout": false
          "workspaceId": "0",
          "botStatus": "DRAFT",
          "hasErrors": false,
          "workspaceType": "UNKNOWN",
          "metadata": false,
          "uri": "",
          "version": "0",
          "hasTriggers": false
Use the numeric identifier, such as an id in subsequent APIs.
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