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Assign default device API

  • Updated: 2022/01/06
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Manage
    • RPA Workspace

Assign default device API

Use the default device allocation API to set a specific device as the default deployment device for the specific user.


Note: You can view the Control Room APIs in the Community Edition, but API functionality is limited. You need a licensed Automation 360 Edition to access the full functionality of the APIs.
  • All API calls must contain an authentication token in the request header. Use the Authentication API to generate a JSON web token. See Authentication API.
  • You must have User management rights or admin rights.


  1. Add the authentication token to the request header.
  2. Use the POST, PUT, GET, DELETE method and endpoint URL: <your_control_room_url>/runasusers/default.
    Request body:
    Enter the valid deviceId and userId.
      "deviceId": 1046,
      "userId": 589
  3. Send the request.
    When the request is successful, a default device is allocated to the specified user. Now this device will be used as default for the deployment.
    Response body:
    In this example, the deviceId with value 1046 is allocated as default device for the specified user with userId 589.
      "deviceId": 1046,
      "userId": 589
    The REST API responds to each request with an HTTP response code. For response codes, see API response codes.
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