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Perform installation of Bot Agent on multiple devices

  • Updated: 2022/07/01
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • Enterprise

Perform installation of Bot Agent on multiple devices

To easily switch the Bot Agent when you connect to a different Control Room, edit the Bot Agent MSI file to install the Bot Agent on multiple devices (permanent or temporary).


To perform this task, you must be a Control Room administrator and have the required rights and permissions.

Ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:
  • Bot Agent setup and MSI files are downloaded from the Control Room, and the parameters required to install devices are available in the Bot Agent MSI file.

    If you are not able to access the MSI files, contact support at

  • Windows 10 Software Development Kit including Orca and Control Room are installed on your device.

    You can install Orca from C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.18362.0\x86\Orca-x86_en-us.msi.


  1. Use the latest AutomationAnywhereBotAgent.msi file from the following locations:
    • Download the file from the Control Room (Administrator > Settings > Bot agent bulk install).

      The download option is available for On-Premises and Cloud deployments.

    • Select the file from the <application filepath>\crui\asset folder. For example C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\crui\asset

      This option is available only for On-Premises deployments.

  2. Edit the AutomationAnywhereBotAgent.msi file using the Orca tool.
  3. Click the Property option.
  4. Enter appropriate values for the following parameters:
    Parameter Description
    AA_CRTOKEN, AA_CRTOKEN2 Enter the corresponding registration key value for each Control Room. The registration key is provided by the Control Room admin.

    You must provide the corresponding registration tokens under AA_CRTOKEN, AA_CRTOKEN2 through AA_CRTOKEN20 for each Control Room URL configured. You can configure up to 20 Control Room URLs. There must be a one-to-one match between CR_URL and CR_TOKEN. There should be no skipping between CR_URL and CR_TOKEN and be filled consecutively. For example, to configure three Control Room URLs, it must be populated in the following order: AA_CRURL, AA_CRURL2, AA_CRURL3.

    For example, enter the registration key for AA_CRTOKEN, and the registration key for AA_CRTOKEN2 to install the Bot Agent on multiple devices.

    See Generate registration key to install Bot Agent in bulk.

    AA_CRURL, AA_CRURL2 image of Control Room URL Enter the Control Room instance to which the Bot Agent will to be connected. For example, enter the specific Control Room URL for AA_CRURL and the specific Control Room URL for AA_CRURL2.
    Note: Ensure that you do not add a slash (/) at the end of the Control Room URL. For example,
    AA_DELAY_REGISTRATION_UNTIL_LOGINimage of registration for delay until login Enter True to delay the registration to a Control Room until a user logs in to that Control Room.

    If a user logs in to any of the Control Room instances configured from the device where the Bot Agent is installed, the Bot Agent on that device will be automatically registered with that associated Control Room. If the logged-in Control Room URL is not configured, then there is no registration with that Control Room.

    AA_DEVICE_TYPE Enter one of the following values for device type:
    Note: Enter the values in uppercase letters when you install the Bot Agent.
    AA_LIFESPAN Enter one of the following values for a non-persistent or persistent device:
    Note: Enter the values in uppercase letters when you install the Bot Agent.
    AA_CONCURRENT_SESSIONS Enter the concurrent sessions allowed, from 1 through 99. The default value is 1.
    AA_INSTALL_ONLY Choose whether you want to install the Bot Agent without registering with the Control Room.
    • Enter True to only install and not register the Bot Agent.
    • Enter False to install and register the Bot Agent.
    AA_DEVICE_POOL_NAME Enter a value to accept the device pool name and add the device to the device pool. The default value is 0.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Copy the AutomationAnywhereBotAgent.msi file to the VM instance (golden image) on which you want to install the Bot Agent.
  7. Run the AutomationAnywhereBotAgent.msi file.
  8. Validate that the Bot Agent is installed on the VM instance and that the Bot Agent service is not running in the Task Manager Services tab.

To deploy the Bot Agent on temporary, or non-persistent, devices, you must configure the SysPrep settings and create machine images on the VM instance.

  1. Shut down the VM instance without SysPrep after you enable temporary, or non-persistent, computer name settings for the VM.
    For an example of how to use SysPrep on an AWS EC2 instance, see Use Sysprep to create and install custom reusable Windows AMIs.
  2. Create machine images on the VM instance as required.
    For an example of how to create Amazon Machine Images (AMI) from an AWS EC2 instance, see Create an AMI from an Amazon EC2 Instance.
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