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Install Human-Bot Collaboration On-Premises server

  • Updated: 2021/12/20
    • 11.3.x
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Install Human-Bot Collaboration On-Premises server

The Human-Bot Collaboration Server installation file (AA_Human-Bot_Server.exe) is included in the download.


Ensure that the system meets the hardware and software requirements necessary for installing Human-Bot Collaboration Server for On-Premises deployment.

Hardware and software requirements

The Human-Bot Collaboration Server installer enables you to select installation parameters and installs any missing software dependencies.


  1. Double-click the AA_Human-Bot_Server.exe file.
  2. Accept the license agreement, and click Next.
  3. Update the SQL Server host name and SQL Server Port fields (if necessary).
    The default port number is 1433.
  4. Select one of the following authentication methods:
    • Windows Authentication to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server.
      Note: For a local Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Authentication requires the Sysadmin rights to be set to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM login. For a network Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Authentication requires the Sysadmin rights to be set to BUILTIN\Users login.
    • SQL Server Authentication to use Microsoft SQL Server authentication to connect to the database. Provide the correct user name and password.
      Note: You must have the Sysadmin rights to use Windows or SQL Authentication for any database creation or modification.
  5. Configure the Super Admin credentials.
    Important: This email ID and password are used for signing in to the Designer for the first time.
    Note: Do use these special characters: semicolon (;), quotation marks ("), and whitespace. For example, you can use Admin@123 as a password.

    When you enter a backslash (\) or forward slash (/), the installer automatically converts the slash to a double backlash (\\) or double forward slash (//). For example, if you enter MyPassword123\, it is converted to MyPassword123\\. You can change your password in the Designer.

  6. Use the following options to configure TLS:
    • Use HTTPS: Enable this option to allow Human-Bot Collaboration to use HTTPS.
    • Certificate: This is activated when HTTPS is enabled and allows you to import a certificate. Click Load to import the certificate.
      Note: The certificate file must be in the PKCS12 format. Browse to import the certificate.
    • Certificate Password: This is activated when HTTPS is enabled.

      You must enter a password for the private key.

    • Force HTTP to HTTPS: This is activated when HTTPS is enabled.

      If enabled, all the HTTP port requests are redirected to HTTPS.

  7. Use the installation wizard to review the progress.
  8. Click Finish.
    The Human-Bot Collaboration Server page appears.
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